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Diamond Wire Saw For Marble Mining&Quarrying

We recommend rubber wire for marble cutting, it can protect the wire saw rope very well and increase the wire’s strength The rubber has good temperature resistance, and it can be used when water is not enough Strong flexibility can reduce the cut-in-one-side problem

Diamond Wire Saw For Block Squaring

The smaller bead size of the trimming wire saw reduces stone waste Squaring wire saws are mostly injection-molded wire saws with a smooth surface, which can make the surface of the block after trimming smoother

Diamond Wire Saw For Stone Profiling

Profiling wire saws are mainly used to cut non-standard slab shapes, such as Roman columns of various shapes The special-shaped wire saw has low power consumption and low energy consumption, which can greatly improve the cutting efficiency and the accuracy of cutting special-shaped shapes is very high

Diamond Wire Saw Beads

The diamond bead is the cutting body of the diamond wire saw, and there are two processes of brazing and sintering

Diamond Wire Saw For Granite Quarrying

The advantages of wire saw granite mining: 1 Wide adaptability 2 High mining efficiency 3 Flexible cutting method 4 Large cutting depth 5 High output 6 Low comprehensive cost 7 Environmental protection and no pollution

Diamond Wire Saw For Reinforced Concrete Cutting

Linsing provides Excellent premium quality Diamond Wire designed for delivering the highest concrete cutting and sawing performance at the lowest cost.

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