Proportion of diamond in wire saw

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The diamond wire saw is composed of beads, wire ropes, connectors and joints. In fact, it can also be considered to be composed of two parts: the cutting part and the fixed connection part. The cutting part is mainly beads, and the fixed connection part includes wire rope, connecting material (rubber, spring or plastic), and joints.

As the main cutting part, the importance of beads is self-evident, so what are beads made of? The beads are composed of three parts. The first is the core, also known as the bead core, which is the fixing material for the beads. This part is a ring-shaped metal cylinder, which is made of high temperature resistant alloy. The second part is the diamond. The diamond and the metal alloy powder of the third part are fully mixed by granulation, and then sintered by cold pressing and hot pressing. Finally, the three parts of the beads are firmly combined, which is the diamond bead. Above all are the molding process and the production process. So what is the proportion of diamond which determines the cutting performance in wire saw during the procedure of making diamond wire saw? Here we answer this question from three perspectives:

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Through the process of hot pressing sintering, the diamond and the metal bond are combined together. The combination of the two is mainly caused by two changes. The first is the increase of the physical holding force, which is mainly reflected in the formation of the diamond surface and the metal powder. A tighter structure is formed, and a tighter physical relationship is formed between atoms, which ultimately increases the holding force. The second kind of holding force is called the increase of chemical holding force, which is mainly reflected in the chemical reaction between the diamond and the metal, or the chemical reaction between the metal and the metal. Under the chemical reaction, a stronger structure is formed. The alloy material with better metal properties increases the holding force of the metal matrix on diamond. In this process, the concentration of diamond is particularly important. In simple terms, if the proportion or concentration of diamond is small, the holding force of the matrix bond per unit volume to a single diamond will increase, but if the concentration is too low, or the diamond content Too little, then the lack of diamond participation in the cutting process will directly cause the stone to not be cut. Conversely, if the diamond concentration is higher, the holding force of the matrix bond on each diamond per unit area is reduced.

For the cutting efficiency, the diamond content also plays a great role. For example, for the diamond wire saw, if the diamond is equally distributed, with the increase of the diamond concentration, the cutting efficiency of the wire saw presents a parabolic curve. The shape, from the initial 0, slowly with the increase of the diamond concentration, the cutting efficiency continues to rise, but after reaching the critical value, the efficiency of the cutter head begins to gradually decrease. The main reason is that the diamond concentration is too large, and the cutting area of the beads increases during the cutting process, resulting in insufficient pressure during the cutting process of the wire saw, resulting in a decrease in cutting efficiency. Of course, according to different cutting objects, different mechanical power, different water flow, and different machinery will lead to changes in the diamond critical value concentration, but overall, the impact of changes in diamond concentration can be followed regularly.

diamond wire saw, wire saw, diamond concentration in wire saw

Apart from the efficiency, the cutting life of the diamond wire saw is also point that people are concerned about. The cutting life has a very large relationship with the concentration of diamond, or it can be said that there is a direct connection. The concentration of diamond is too low or less, the stone cutting and grinding ability is poor, and naturally it does not have a high life. In the test, it was found that with the increase of the diamond concentration, the cutting life of the beaded wire saw will continue to increase, until the diamond concentration reaches 120-150%. At the same time, the diamond has no way to cut normally. , Although the diamond wire saw has a high lifespan, it actually no longer has the ability to cut normally.

The above three factors all clarify a point of view. The diamond concentration in the wire saw is not fixed. It is necessary to consider the cutting objects, concern the actual customer needs, and make full use of each diamond to make it more fully play its role. , instead of relying entirely on the concentration of stacked diamonds, which would be too frustrating.