Diamond Segment For Marble Cutting

The segment used for marble processing, mainly used for cutting block, slab and thin plate etc.

Diamond Segment For Granite Cutting

Granite cutting segment used for cutting granite. Linxing's granite cutting segments has the characteristics of wide variety, strong pertinence, long life, high sharpness and high cost performance.

Diamond Segment For Gang Saw

Diamond gang saw segments is a diamond tool used on the gang saw for cutting medium hard and soft granite&hard and medium hard marble. This kind of segments has the advantages of good wear resistance, long life and thin thickness.

Diamond Segment For Multi-Saw Blade

Multi segment is a kind of diamond tool used in Italian multiblade cutting machine, Chinese multiblade bridge saw machine, or chinese single column multiblade cutting machine. It is usually used to cut stone blocks, and it has the characteristics of high cutting efficiency and stable cutting.

Diamond Segment For Quarrying&Mining

Diamond quarrying segment is a kind of diamond tool product commonly used in granite mining. The product is mainly used for the mining of granite stone blocks, it is used on the mine circular saw. By laying the track, the circular saw can mine the stone blocks in the round-trip process.

Diamond Segment For Sandstone Cutting

Sandstone cutting segment is a diamond tool specially used for cutting sandstone stone. Sandstone is a very special kind of stone, it has the characteristics of large hardness span and high abrasiveness, so the quality of segment is required to be high Linxing's sandstone cutting segments has the characteristics of good sharpness, long service life, stable cutting and high cost performance.

Andesite Cutting Segment

Through continuous debugging, the andesite cutting segment achieve high speed and long life cutting effect to meet the needs of the market.

Lavastone Cutting Segment

Lavastone cutting segment can be produced for cutting lavastone, there are always manufactured in sandwich and layer design. No matter what the shapes, the aim is to obtain a good cooling and easy flush away the chipping. Diamonds and bond in the outer and inner layers are carefully designed to ensure cutting stability.

Basalt Cutting Segment

Basalt cutting segments adopt the top grade diamond crystal, cobalt and metal powder to produce.With special advantages such as high cutting efficiency and long life. The basalt diamond segments have entered over 30 countries for its premium quality.

Diamond segment for core drill bit

The segment is a cutting tool used for core drilling applications. It is designed with industrial-grade diamond particles embedded in a metal matrix, typically consisting of a mixture of metal powders and a bonding agent. The diamond segments are strategically arranged along the circumference of the core drill bit to facilitate efficient and precise cutting of hard materials such as concrete, stone, granite, and other construction materials.