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Jiangxi Linxing Diamond Tools Co., Ltd. established in 2003, is located in Tianfan Street industrial park beside Poyang Lake, covering an area of 20000 square meters. It is a comprehensive diamond tool enterprise integrating scientific research, production and sales. It mainly engages in a series of products such as diamond segment, diamond saw blade, diamond wire saw, stone abrasive, stone machinery, etc.

Advantages And Disadvantages Of Brazed Diamond Cutting Saw Blades
Brazed diamond cutting blade is a very special diamond tool This saw blade uses vacuum brazing to fix the diamond on the saw blade substrate The entire saw blade has a simple structure and less sintering and welding processes, the stability is higher This article mainly introduces the advantages and disadvantages of brazed diamond cutting discs
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What role does phosphor bronze play in diamond segment powder?
The diamond segment is composed of both metal powder and diamond. Metal powder is formed from various powders with different ratios, so what role does phosphor copper play in diamond segments? What are the effects of increasing or decreasing the ratio of phosphor bronze on the segment? In this article we will discuss in details:
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How many square meters can a diamond wire saw cut per meter?
The life of a diamond wire saw depends on many factors, including the conditions of use, the hardness and nature of the cutting material, the cutting method, and the quality of the wire saw. Generally speaking, diamond wire saws have a long service life and efficient cutting performance, far exceeding traditional cutting tools.
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