Diamond Wire Saw For Granite Quarrying

The advantages of wire saw granite mining: 1 Wide adaptability. 2 High mining efficiency. 3 Flexible cutting method. 4 Large cutting depth. 5 High output. 6 Low comprehensive cost. 7 Environmental protection and no pollution.

Diamond Wire Saw For Marble Mining&Quarrying

We recommend rubber wire for marble cutting, it can protect the wire saw rope very well and increase the wire’s strength. The rubber has good temperature resistance, and it can be used when water is not enough. Strong flexibility can reduce the cut-in-one-side problem.

Diamond Wire Saw For Reinforced Concrete Cutting

Linsing provides Excellent premium quality Diamond Wire designed for delivering the highest concrete cutting and sawing performance at the lowest cost.

Diamond Wire Saw For Block Squaring

Plastic Injection diamond wire is now generally used in most granite processing units for block squaring purpose. The wire allows significantly greater sawing heights than large discs.

Diamond Wire Saw For Stone Profiling

The diamond wire saw for stone profilling, with narrow kerf width and high quality cable insure less breakage and good tension,bring beter performance in tough environment. And it works in low noise,safe and eco-friendly.

Diamond Multi Wire Saw For Block

The wire saw is used on the automatic wire saw machine. Multiple sets of wire saws have high cutting efficiency and low cutting noise. Generally used for higher hardness granite and lower hardness granite cutting.

Diamond Wire Saw Beads

The wire saw beads are processed through the advanced hot Isostatic processing which gives better diamond retention and higher tool reliability.