Wire Saw Machine For Quarrying&Mining

Diamond wire saw can be used on all types of marble, granite and stone, with maximum productivity and a diamond wire durability at maximum cutting speed. All controls are fully automatic and do not require the constant presence of the operator.

Multiblade Bridge Saw Machine For Granite Block Cutting

Multiblade bridge cutting machine adopts high-speed cutting techmology It is mainly used for cutting granite and marble panels. It is also used for processing stone products such as tombstone, kerbstone, foundation stone, slope protection stone, panel slabs etc.

Gantry Cutting Machine For Block Cutting

Gantry cutting machine mainly used for cutting marble, granite, bluestone, tombstone and so on.

Single Arm Multi-blade Stone Cutting Machine

Multi-blade Stone Cutting Machine adopting large-area contacting rail and double hydraulic cylinder up & down movement, this machine improves the lifting speed largely. Overall protection of the machine also has greatly enhanced the stability and prolonged the life-span.Thereforethe maintenance cost greatlyreduced and efficiency improved.

Numerical Control CNC Wire Saw

CNC system makes the man-machine interface easy and flexible Diverse, complex.The flywheel elevates and lowers along these guide rails and the linear cutting speed can be adjusted according to different cutting requirements, which greatly improves the cutting accuracy.The protective cover is waterproof and highly durable.

Bridge Cutting Machine For Block Cutting

Bridge cutting machine is ideal equipment for processing middle size stone blocks, such as tombstone, stone material handicraft, curb stone.

Horizontal Plus Vertical Bridge Saw Machine

Horizontal plus vertical cutting machine is the main of granite slab production line which can cut out the stone blocks to slabs with certain thickness. Controlled by programmable fully-automatic system and executed by hydraulic transmission, this machine is an ideal equipment for processing granite, featuring reliable performance and high cutting efficiency.

Laser Bridge Saw Machine

Laser bridge cutting machine is for slab processing, which adopts programmer logic controller, fine frequency converter, signing laser etc for automatic function and guarantee its precise and stable cutting. We have model LXPLC-400, LXPLC -600, LXPLC-700 for you to choose.

Mono-block Bridge Saw Machine

LXMBM-500/600 Monoblock Bridge Cutting machine: An updated bridge cutting machine, equipped with Italy CNC system ESA and 3 axis interpolation, is applicable for cutting all kind of stone slabs to size, such as granite, marble, quartzite and artifical stone slab etc., it is easy for container loading and machine installation.

5 Axis Bridge Saw Machine

5 Axis Bridge Saw Machine is a multifunctional CNC stone cutting and shaping machine built with the needs of workshops in mind, combining simplicity with maximum versatility for a minimum investment budget. It is popularly used for cutting slabs and blocks of both natural and artificial stone, and ceramic. It is make vertical, inclined& horizontal Cut with Disc Blade and incremental routing for sink cutting, profiling grinding & engraving

Multifunctional Stone Profiling Machine

Multifunctional stone profiling machine works with double blades and automatic tracking shape of model. it is very easy to operate. It is automatically controlled by microcomputer, specially designed to carry out architectural shaping such as profile, roman column and other diverse shapes on granite and marble.