Wire Saw Machine For Quarrying&Mining

Diamond wire saw can be used on all types of marble, granite and stone, with maximum productivity and a diamond wire durability at maximum cutting speed All controls are fully automatic and do not require the constant presence of the operator

Product feature:
1. The main motor is powered by inverter to obtain the suitable wire speed according to the type of granite or marble. It is applicable for quarrying all kinds of granite and marble.
2.  Apply vector inverter with invariable torque. Feed speed can be regulated automatically and smoothly as cutting force changes.
3.  The control cabinet is placed separated within a side door. It is easy to do maintenance work.
4.  Double dust-proof and waterproof structure is used to protect the main motor. The guide poles and screw rod are isolated with dust and water by the flexible lags. Greatly extend the life of the machines.
5.  Easily regulate the position and angle of driving flywheel by motors.
6.  Display the real time of the parameters, such as the main motor’s current, flywheel’s speed.
7.  The machine can be operated manually or automatically. 
Product specification:

Power of main motor455575
Length of wire20-10020-12020-150
Diameter of beadΦ11.5Φ11.5Φ11.5
Linear velocity0-300-300-50
Lead rail moving distance666
Diameter of driving wheelΦ700-900Φ700-900Φ700-900
Water consumption 345
Working temperature-55-55-55
Power head rotary0-3600-3600-360

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