High-quality granite cutting segment features

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Granite cutting segment, as the name implies, is a diamond tool product used to cut granite stone. This product is mainly fixed on the saw blade substrate (diameter 300-3500mm) by welding. During the cutting process, the saw blade rotates rapidly. Collision and friction with the stone, the diamond embedded in the granite grinds the granite, and finally completes the cutting process of the granite stone (block cutting and plate edge cutting).

In the cutting process of high-quality granite segment, it can quickly open the blade, cut smoothly, cut stably, and have a long life. Therefore, how to choose a high-quality diamond segment is very important. So what are the structural and detailed characteristics of good-quality granite segments? Let's take a look:

Granite is a very common stone in nature. It has high hardness, coarse particles, stable structure, and weak abrasiveness. These characteristics determine the need for higher requirements for granite segments.

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As the main cutting material for segments, the choice of diamond is particularly important. In terms of material selection, through long-term testing, Linxing Diamond Tools found that in the segment production process, selecting medium-fine, high-concentration, and medium-quality diamond raw materials will have a better grinding effect. The choice of fine-grained diamond is to prevent the diamond from being too large due to the large particle size, resulting in a large area of diamond cracking during the cutting process, resulting in large waste, and the cost of large-grained diamond is too high, which increases The price of the segment; and the high concentration is to ensure that the diamond is exposed from various angles as much as possible. During the cutting process, there will always be diamonds to cut the stone at various angles, and there will be no uneven force; and The purpose of choosing medium-quality diamonds is to prevent the diamonds from becoming dull due to long-term grinding, resulting in non-moving cutting. In the actual cutting process, such a segment can still cut granite very well when the linear speed and feed rate are increased. Although the life span is partially reduced, the shortened life span is extremely limited due to the low abrasiveness of the granite itself.

In addition to diamond materials, granite segments are also particularly important when choosing a bond. For example, a harder material should be selected for the bond so that the bond will not be consumed too quickly during the segment cutting process, resulting in a large waste of diamond powder; in terms of toughness, try to choose iron The use of cobalt base, cobalt base, etc., especially the use of cobalt powder, can greatly improve the toughness of the entire bond. In the face of the impact generated by the strong saw blade rotation speed, such a bond can respond well; the last point is The abrasiveness, the abrasiveness of the granite segment does not need to be too large, because too much abrasiveness will cause the bond to be difficult to consume, and the diamond is not easy to be exposed, which will cause the segment to cut the stone and require multiple blades.


In general, granite segments need to be formulated with finer diamonds and higher diamond concentration, as well as bonds with general wear resistance, high strength and high toughness.