Five Ways to Improve the Performance of Diamond segment

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The diamond segment is a diamond tool product made of diamond and various metal powders of different ratios as raw materials. Due to different uses, there are many types, such as common mine diamond segment, multi-blade segment, and gang saw segment, single saw blade segment, etc., and are divided into different cutting segment types according to different cutting materials, such as marble cutting segment, granite cutting segment and sandstone cutting segment and so on.
marble cutting tips, diamond cutting segmentsThe main metal powder components of the diamond segment include copper, iron, cobalt, manganese, titanium, zinc, tin, aluminum, tungsten and other non-ferrous metals, as well as some non-metals, such as silicon carbide, phosphorus, paraffin, etc., in order to improve the use of diamond segment effect, to introduce five methods to improve the performance of diamond bit. The following will be a detailed introduction. Since this article is aimed at the part that needs to be improved in the production process of the diamond segment, it is mostly a way to improve the production process and method of the diamond segment.

1. Use ultra-fine powder and pre-alloyed powder. The use of ultra-fine powder is beneficial to reduce the sintering temperature and improve the hardness of the carcass. The pre-alloyed powder is mixed in three dimensions, which greatly shortens the contact time between the powder and the air, prevents premature loss and segregation of low-melting-point metals, and is beneficial to improve the strength of sintered products and increase the resistance to diamond bits. 's holding power.

2. Add an appropriate amount of rare earth elements (such as rare earth lanthanum, cerium, etc.) to the diamond segment metal powder. It can significantly reduce the wear performance of the bonding agent and improve the cutting efficiency of the diamond segment. However, the disadvantages of this method are also obvious, that is, the price will obviously increase. And some elements are harmful to the human body, so pay attention to safety in use.

3. Adopt cold pressing and hot sintering process to sinter in vacuum protective atmosphere. The diamond blade that is sintered after cold pressing is very sharp during the sawing process, and the production efficiency is greatly improved. The vacuum protective atmosphere sintering can prevent powder oxidation and activate sintering, which not only improves the performance of the blade, but also prolongs the graphite mold life and reduce production costs. However, due to the high price of the vacuum sintering machine, there is currently no large-scale equipment. In the future, the vacuum sintered diamond diamond segment will gradually change with the development of vacuum technology.

4. Correct welding process. At present, high-frequency welding machine is used to weld copper pads for diamond segment to weld. During the welding process, due to the higher solder joints of the copper pads, the welding temperature naturally increases. In such a situation, the secondary high temperature of the diamond segment leads to excessive carbonization of the internal diamond, which causes damage and the phenomenon of the dsiamond segment being dropped. It is not only unsafe, but also affects production. Therefore, it is recommended that factories use high-strength, good-permeable silver solder tabs for welding and production.

5. The choice of moulding method. If the size of graphite mold is 24mm×12mm×9mm. Replace the original abrasive layer (iron powder layer or powder layer) with diamond composite sheets (finished products further processed by diamond, mainly PDC, PCD, PBCN, etc.). The size of each composite sheet is 24mm×12mm, and its thickness mainly depends on the thickening deposition time and current density during the electroplating process, which is similar to the diameter value of the diamond abrasive particles used in the composite sheet. The number of assembled layers can be adjusted according to the material of the processed stone. The larger the grain of the processed stone, the smaller the number of layers. With the development of technology, products brought by thinner, faster and more technology will play a role in the stone cutting process, and this process improvement has achieved good test results.
diamond segments, stone cutting tips, diamond saw blade segments, saw blade tipsThrough the introduction of the above content, you must have a certain understanding of the five methods for improving the performance of diamond segments. These methods are relatively practical. If you have any questions, you can consult us, and we will answer you enthusiastically. Linsing diamond segment, each diamond segment comes from the understanding of diamond segment for nearly 20 years.