Problems with small diamond concentration in diamond segment

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As we all know, the process of cutting stone is the process of continuous collision and friction between the diamond embedded in the segment and the stone. In this process, the hardness of the stone is not comparable to that of diamond, so in the process of friction, the cutting is continuously completed. In the first job, in physics, the force and reaction force must exist. In the process of grinding stone, diamond is constantly consumed. When the concentration of diamond is reduced, the most direct manifestation is the diamond grinding position. Decrease, pressure and pressure increase, then what will happen?

The diamond segment efficiency is significantly reduced: during the processing of the stone, the segment on the saw blade is quickly cut by the diamond powder exposed on the top of the saw blade. When the diamond concentration decreases, the number of exposed diamonds decreases. During the cutting process, cutting The reduction of the number of teeth will directly lead to a reduction in efficiency.

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The segment life is significantly reduced: because the number of cut diamonds is reduced during the cutting of the stone, the pressure and pressure on the exposed diamond will increase at the same rotation speed, linear speed and cutting speed, which will directly cause the exposed diamond to rupture. Especially for large-grained diamond powder, a highly exposed cutting surface cannot be formed. Once formed, it is very easy to be impacted and damaged under high pressure. The rapid consumption of diamonds will significantly reduce the life of the segment.

The segment will be obviously not cut: as the concentration is further reduced, the exposed diamond is shattered by a strong impact force in a very fast time. The worst case is that the diamond and the metal bond are ground together. Do not expose, in this case, the segment can no longer cut the stone, if you want to continue cutting, you need to reopen the blade. If you can't cut it, you have to cut it forcefully. It is easy to cause the substrate to bend, the stone bends, and the stone scratches.


Increasing power consumption: the concentration of diamond segment is reduced, and the cutting surface is reduced. It seems that the cutting edge is increased, but in practical applications, the concentration of diamond is gradually reduced, the cutting efficiency is continuously reduced, and the cutting efficiency is reduced. The most obvious feeling is The time required to complete the cutting becomes longer, which increases power consumption. For the operators who watch the machine, it is inevitable to increase the production cost.

Generally speaking, there will be obvious problems with the reduction of diamond concentration in the diamond segment. Many low-priced segments mostly use this kind of routine. One penny is paid for each quality, and you must not be greedy for small deals. In fact, you have suffered a big loss, whether it is Buying segments or buying other products is the same.