Influence Of Diamond Particle Size On Saw Blade Performance

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The diamond saw blade is a tool commonly used for cutting stone. The main working principle is that the diamond is impregnated in the teeth of the diamond saw blade tip. Through the high-speed saw blade, a strong friction force is generated. In the process of friction between the cutter head and the stone In the process, both diamond and stone are continuously consumed, and the stone is ground into powder to achieve the purpose of cutting. Then in the cutting process, as the main cutting part, diamond plays a huge role, but according to the size of the particle, diamond is divided into What are the different properties of teeth produced by diamonds with different particle sizes and particle sizes? This is where this article will cover. Before answering this question, you need to know some knowledge about synthetic diamond particles.

1: Diamond particles refer to the manufactured diamonds that are sieved and identified according to the international standard particle size. For industrial diamonds, # (called mesh) is used as the unit of measurement, and the maximum particle size is 16#, followed by 24# , and then up to 3000# (in simple terms, it is the diamond that cannot pass the 16-mesh sieve, and the particle size is 16#). #, 30-40# and other particle ranges are used to classify diamond particle size.

2: The size of the diamond particles is related to the grade of the diamond. The thickness of the diamond particles is not a separate factor. If the grade is not high enough, that is, after the diamond is produced, there are more diamonds in the quadrangle, then such a diamond grade is better. Because the diamond impregnated in such a diamond tool is sharper and sharper during the cutting process. However, if there are more hexagonal or octagonal diamonds, the diamonds are likely to be rounded during the cutting process, so the cutting may not good and can’t cut the stone.

3: In utting performance of diamond saw blades, there are mainly two important parameters, the first is life, the second is sharpness,The influence of diamond particle size change mainly affects these two factors.

With this knowledge, we can start to introduce the influence of the size of diamond particles on diamond tools, and understand from two aspects.

1: Results produced by coarsening the diamond particles:

First of all, we choose the diamond segment produced by coarse-grained diamond and weld it on the circular saw blade. During the cutting process, the sharpness of the diamond saw blade is obviously increased in the early stage. During this period, due to the diamond segment In the cutting edge state, the cutting performance cannot be improved, but the coarse-grained diamond is quickly exposed to the surface, which is more prone to tailing. However, after the cutting is completed, there are two situations. The sharpness of the coarse-grained saw blade used for cutting marble gradually weakens, but it can still be cut. But the coarse-grained saw blades for granite saw a significant drop in efficiency (diamond rounding was the main reason). In the later stage of cutting, the marble diamond segment can still be cut, and the service life can also reach the normal level. However, it is obvious that the performance of the coarse-grained saw blade for cutting granite is getting worse and worse, and the cutting speed has been constantly changing, the current cannot be stabilized, and the cutting life has not improved.

In general, the effect of coarsening diamond particles on the saw blade is to increase the efficiency of its cutting edge, and also increase the cutting ability of its main cutting part, but the shortcomings are also obvious. Under the same diamond concentration , the number of diamonds involved in stone cutting is reduced, and the cutting efficiency is naturally reduced. And the large-grained diamond that continuously participates in cutting is prone to mechanical fatigue value, and it will also take away a large loss in the process of crushing, so the life is not as high as imagined.

2: What if the combination of thickness and thickness is used?

After testing this method, it will be found that the diamond saw blade has greatly improved in the cutting edge period, cutting performance and cutting life, especially for cutting marble, the same concentration of diamond, the efficiency is increased by nearly 30%, and the life It is also increased by about 20%, which is a more reasonable diamond particle size distribution scheme.

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