How To Improve The Precision Of Diamond Saw Blade

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A diamond saw blade is usually a tool for cutting stone, concrete, asphalt and other materials. In the process of cutting, there will be a problem. For example, when an infrared cutting machine cuts a slab, the cut slab has more or less size differences. The difference in size of this part is actually mostly due to some deflection of the saw blade when cutting. This unreasonable deflection directly causes the precision error in the cutting process of the saw blade, so the cutting data has a deviation in size and length. In the process of cutting stone blocks, this kind of situation also occurs a lot. For example, there is a deviation in the thickness of the plate during the cutting process (excluding mechanical problems). These situations are caused by the low precision of the diamond saw blade. So what is the reason for the low precision of the saw blade? There are four main reasons (non-saw blade issues are not discussed too much).

1: The body is uneven. This situation is more common, mainly because the substrate of the saw blade has problems with the flatness of the saw blade due to long-term load work or its own material problems. This problem was not found during the welding process, and various cutting problems will occur during the cutting process of the uneven body. The most direct result is that the cutting gap increases and the cutting surface are severely uneven.

Solution: If the blank blade can be repaired, it is recommended to go to the Matrix Repair Center for repair. It is best to test the flatness of the repaired blank blade. If the flatness of the repaired blank blade is restored well, then this will solve the problem. If it cannot be repaired, then a new blank blade needs to be replaced. As a friendly reminder, the blank blade needs to be tested for flatness in the early stage of welding, which avoids this trouble.

2: Welding is uneven. This often occurs on early fire-welded saw blades. Because the early welding machines were expensive and there were few professionals who knew how to operate, many times, everyone used flame welding to weld the segment. If the proficiency is not enough during welding, the welding of the segment will be uneven. The most obvious manifestation of uneven welding of the segment is that the cutting gap of the saw blade is too large, and there are circles of scratches. The stone surface is very ugly, and it is necessary to use a leveling machine to level the plate later.

Solution: At present, the price of automatic welding machine is not expensive. In addition, the welding accuracy of automatic welding machine and semi-automatic welding machine is well guaranteed, so the use of regular high-frequency welding machine can solve this problem. If flame welding must be used, it is best to use a correction instrument or a simple detector to adjust the segment during the welding process. If the welding is uneven, quickly correct it.

3: The thickness of the blank blade is too thin. The thin body of the saw blade is the reason why the saw blade often has cutting accuracy problems. The blade is thin, and when the saw blade rotates, the amplitude of the end jump and radial jump of the saw blade increases, so it is very likely that a 4mm segment can cut a 5mm cutting gap.

Solution: The base material of the saw blade and the thickness of the blade directly determine the cutting accuracy. If it is the problem of the base material, improving the steel material with weak elasticity and strong toughness can suppress this situation. If it is the thickness of the blade, you can choose a reinforced blade, either to thicken the material of the saw blade as a whole, or to thicken a part of the material of the blade in the middle part of the saw blade to thicken the material near the center circle of the blank blade.

4: Blade sizes vary. This situation is relatively rare, mainly because in the process of welding the segment, the segment of different thickness is welded to the same saw blade.

Solution: Remove the wrongly welded segment and replace it with a new blade.

All in all, in the process of cutting stone, the precision of the diamond saw blade is often determined by the blank blade and the segment of the saw blade. Being good at finding and solving problems is a good basic skill for using diamond saw blades.

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