Diamond Saw Blade For Marble

Marble saw blade is a kind of diamond tool used for marble cutting It has the characteristics of long life and good continuity, used on saw blade for cutting block and slab

Diamond Saw Blade For Granite

Linsing granite cutting saw blade is a diamond tool for cutting granite, it has the characteristics of high sharpness, good wear resistance and long lifespan

Diamond Horizontal Blade For Marble

Horizontal cutting diamond saw blade is a tool used for horizontal and vertical stone cutting machine It is mainly used to cut marble in the horizontal direction

Arix Diamond Circular Saw Blade

Arranged saw blade is a high-quality sawing product with high sharpness and long service life, which is specially used for granite cutting Its sharpness is about 30% higher than that of general saw blades The incision is smooth, without edge collapse, with excellent stable cutting performance

Vacuum Brazed Diamond Saw Blade

Vacuum brazed diamond saw blade is a new type of saw blade Through the chemical metallurgical action of the brazing material during brazing, the diamond and the blank blade are bonded together, so that they are melted into one without damaging the characteristics of the diamond and blank blade

Laser Weld Diamond Saw Blade

Laser diamond blades are used for cutting stone, concrete, cured concrete, green concrete, reinforced concrete, wall, bricks, pavers, and asphalt Our diamond saw blades are intended to withstand hard use, and the blade provides better speed and longevity

Electroplated Diamond Saw Blade

Electroplating technology makes all diamond particles adhere to the steel core, high diamond exposure rate provides efficient work performance

J-Slot Diamond Saw Blade

J slot diamond saw blade with "J " slot utilizes special grade diamond for smooth fast cutting and long life Distinctive J-slot core for improved precision, stability, reduced cutting noise and superior cooling The blade is used to cut ceramic tile, porcelain tile, granite & marble tiles, it is designed to be used wet only