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Vacuum Brazed Diamond Saw Blade

Vacuum brazed diamond saw blade is a new type of saw blade Through the chemical metallurgical action of the brazing material during brazing, the diamond and the blank blade are bonded together, so that they are melted into one without damaging the characteristics of the diamond and blank blade

Segmented Cutting Disc For Dry Cut

Segmented saw blade (dry use) is a very common diamond tool, which is mainly used to cut hard materials on the construction site, and is mainly used to cut stone, ceramic tile, ceramic, asphalt, reinforced concrete, brick and other materials The product has the characteristics of strong portability and cost-effective

Turbo Cutting Disc

Turbo saw blades are suitable for cutting concrete, granite, marble, brick, asphalt and other building materials It is mainly used to cut stone, ceramic tile, porcelain, pottery, asphalt, reinforced concrete, brick and other materials

T Type Protection Teeth Cutting Disc

T type protection teeth cutting disc very safety, the special tooth shape design not only improves the impact resistance of the saw blade in terms of cutting performance, but also improves the cutting ability of the saw blade to a certain extent

Turbo Type Protection Teeth Cutting Disc

Turbo type protection teeth cutting disc is a special kind of saw blade Compared with the general tuboe saw blade, it has a more stable structure, and its cutting ability and stability have been greatly improved, and safer to use

Flexible Polishing Pad For Dry Use

Dry polishing pad are suitable for polishing in anhydrous environments, are portable and can work in a variety of environments The particle size is between 50-3000, and it can be used for high-gloss polishing of granite, marble, artificial stone, etc

Vacuum Brazed Diamond Drill Bit

Diamond dry drill bit is made of high-quality diamond and adopts vacuum brazing to provide more efficient performance than traditional cemented carbide It can be used for drilling ceramic tiles, glass, marble and other materials

Laser Weld Diamond Saw Blade

Laser diamond blades are used for cutting stone, concrete, cured concrete, green concrete, reinforced concrete, wall, bricks, pavers, and asphalt Our diamond saw blades are intended to withstand hard use, and the blade provides better speed and longevity

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