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Flexible Polishing Pad For Wet Use

Wet polishing pad have long service life and are available in grit sizes between 50 and 3000, but should be used in aqueous environments Provides the best professional polish on curved edges or flat surfaces of granite, marble and other natural stones

Flexible Polishing Pad For Dry Use

Dry polishing pad are suitable for polishing in anhydrous environments, are portable and can work in a variety of environments. The particle size is between 50-3000, and it can be used for high-gloss polishing of granite, marble, artificial stone, etc.

Resin Bond 4 Step Flexible Polishing Pads

4-Step Dry Wet Diamond Polishing Pads are a great advancement in the technology of diamond polishing pads. They are ideal for polishing light colored granite and marble to achieve high gloss usually acquired in 6 to 7 steps with regular 7 or 8 step diamond polishing pads.

Diamond Router Bit For Profiling

Diamond router bit mainly used for shaping the edge or curve line for various granite and marble on manual-type profiling machines such as angle grinder or water polisher.

Fully-automatic Polishing Machine

This machine Applicable for polishing the surface of granite & marble slabs and tiles. Using the most advanced technology for granite polishing and superior material, reasonable structure, completed processing technique, stable performance, high efficiency and energy saving Electric parts are of worldwide brand, PLC control system and friendly human-machine interface via LCD to achieve fully auto computerized control.

Snail Lock Edge Polishing Pad

Snail lock is used for polishing radius and flat edges on granite, marble, and engineered stone.

Diamond Grinding Wheel For Profiling

Diamond grinding wheel for profiling adopts the production process of arc welding &vacuum sintering, which can improve the grinding efficiency and service life of products.

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Snail Lock Edge Polishing Pad
Snail Lock Edge Polishing Disc for polishing radius and flat edges on granite, marble and engineered stone.
Linsing flexible resin polishing pad
Linsing flexible resin bond diamond polishing pad for dry&wet use.