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Buff Fickert For Granite

Buff fickert applicable for kinds of auto polishing machine and hand operated polishing machine, long lifespan ,high quality for polishing.

Diamond Core Drill Bit

Diamond core drill bits use super grade diamond, with high drilling efficiency. They are commonly used for drilling hard materials such as stone, ceramic tile, reinforced concrete and so on.

Vacuum Brazed Diamond Drill Bit

Diamond dry drill bit is made of high-quality diamond and adopts vacuum brazing to provide more efficient performance than traditional cemented carbide. It can be used for drilling ceramic tiles, glass, marble and other materials.

Button Bit

Button bit is cross shaped on the bit, which is the same as the taper chisel bit They have different taper and diameter. The bit body is made of high-quality imported steel; Bit is made of special alloy by special welding. The bits are widely used in various mining projects.

Cross Chisel Bit

Cross chisel bit has long service life and high drilling efficiency. It can be used for drilling operations in coal mines, granite and marble, quarries, metallurgical mines, geological exploration, water conservancy construction, electric power, transportation and tunnels.

Diamond segment for core drill bit

The segment is a cutting tool used for core drilling applications. It is designed with industrial-grade diamond particles embedded in a metal matrix, typically consisting of a mixture of metal powders and a bonding agent. The diamond segments are strategically arranged along the circumference of the core drill bit to facilitate efficient and precise cutting of hard materials such as concrete, stone, granite, and other construction materials.

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Dekton core drill bit D35*100L*1/2''G/M14
Diamond core drill bits
Diamond core drill bit video.
Taper cross drill bit
Taper cross drill bit for rock drilling.
Button bit
Button bit for stone&rock drilling.
Vacuum brazed diamond core drill bit
Vacuum brazed diamond core drill bit for dry use.
Diamond core drill bit segment
LINSING Diamond core drill bit segment for reinforced concrete & stone drilling.
Linsing diamond core drill bit for stone
Linsing diamond core drill bit for stone(vacuum brazed type and sintered type).