Mr. Mi Linchun

Chairman of the Board

Gender: Man           Data of birth: 28th Dec ( the Lunar calendar)    
Position: Chairman and General Manager of Jiangxi Linsing Diamond Tools Co., Ltd.
Character: Tenacity and Perseverance, Tolerant,  Decisive, Wise and Farsighted

Message: “ Go head with happiness rather than chase it”,
“Confidence is the best thing to make a wonderful life”
"The company thrives: the manager thinks about the matter of general manager, and the general manager thinks about the the matter of boss"

Diamond Tools Working Experience
Business Management Experience

Dear colleagues, customers, all those who are fortunate enough to come to Linsing, I am Mi Linchun from Poyang, Jiangxi. My home is in Zhuhu Township, Poyang County, not far from Poyang Lake. I grew up with drinking Poyang Lake water and eating the unique Poyang Lake fish. In addition to these delicacies, there are also industrious Poyang people and the well-known diamond tool industry in the country. I was fortunate enough to enter this industry by chance and founded Linsing Company . I have three mental journeys to share with you.
Poverty was normal for Jiangxi people in the 1970s. A rural families with many brothers and sisters who are eager to study. In order to help my family, I left school to Guangdong for working before graduating from junior high school, and worked at full capacity for 16 hours in the workshop for a long time. In order to save food, I often eat steamed buns and mustard vegetables. The most unforgettable thing was the wedding night, I was so poor and made a helpless action that found a relative to borrow a bed. All of this push me to awareness of a truth: I must become powerful and stand out from the crowd. Linsing is a company founded by me. It was originally derived from the word "Lin" in the middle of my name, and the word "Sing" means prosperity. The purpose of establishing Linsing in 2009 is to make myself stand out and have a better life. These stem from my resistance and rejection of poverty.
In the process of the Linsing development, I found that Linsing is not only belongs to me. It is due to the hard work of every employee that makes Linsing continue to grow stronger and provide customers with high-quality Linsing products. It is also due to inseparable from every customer, their trust that gives Linsing the courage to keep moving forward and the motivation to persevere. The most important thing is, the culture of Linsing: unity, efficiency, collaboration, strength and richness, with such a spirit can help our people to be happy, such culture should be carried forward and passed on. "Linsing" brand should be known by more people, and "Linsing"  culture should be recognized by more people. This is also my understanding of the second stage of "Linsing": "The tiger roars in the forest, and the dragon lifts the cloud. ".
The trees long to be still but the wind won't ceas. At present, home and abroad environments are affected by the COVID-19, and the development environment faced by enterprises is much worse. Most of the companies that started their business in Shandong province in the early years have closed down or transformed. Only Linsing still insists on the diamond tool industry and is becoming stronger and stronger. Summarize the reason: Only by constantly making progress and catching up with the trend of the times, we can be self-reliance, self-esteem and self-confidence. In such a storm, Linsing went against the trend. This is the pride of Linsing people and the beginning of Linsing's dream. In recent years, we have introduced a large number of talents: There are reserve talents and the mainstay of the enterprise. From this, I also have the third stage of understanding of "Linsing": "The wind rises in the forest, and it is in the ascendant". The different understandings of the word Linsing in these three stages are also the reason why I have been unable to sleep deeply for a long time in recent years. Big goals, heavy responsibility, and always be alert to myself, always tread lightly and always check erroneous ideas at the outset. In the future, Linsing will also keep going, overcoming thorns, and brave the wind and waves toward on a higher goal.