Diamond Grinding Wheel For Profiling

Diamond grinding wheel for profiling adopts the production process of arc welding &vacuum sintering, which can improve the grinding efficiency and service life of products.

Diamond Segmented Grinding Wheel

Diamond segmented profile wheel is the unique design with good sharpness allows easy dust removal, The segment with silver welding make the wheel is more aggressive, have a good performance on granite/marble/quartz.

Diamond Grinding Cup Wheels

The cup wheel can be used for the polishing of natural stone, artificial stone and concrete. The shape of the cup wheel includes single row cup wheel, double cup wheel, radial cup wheel, turbo cup wheel, snail lock cup wheel, resin bond cup wheels and so on.

CNC Profiling Wheel

CNC grinding wheel has strong grindability, excellent polishing degree and long service life, and can customize the shape required by customers according to the shape of stone.

CNC Stubbing Wheel

CNC stubbing wheel is used for surface milling and material removal on granite and engineered stone.

Diamond Grinding Wheel For Stone Profiling

Diamond grinding wheels are used for stone profiling.

Diamond Router Bit For Profiling

Diamond router bit mainly used for shaping the edge or curve line for various granite and marble on manual-type profiling machines such as angle grinder or water polisher.