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Diamond Wire Saw For Stone Profiling

The diamond wire saw for stone profilling, with narrow kerf width and high quality cable insure less breakage and good tension,bring beter performance in tough environment. And it works in low noise,safe and eco-friendly.

Buff Polishing Disc

The granite polishing disc is used for the last step of polishing, and the polished granite is smoother and more glossy. The granite polishing discs produced by Linxing are made of high-quality polishing materials, and their service life is 10%-30% longer than that of ordinary polishing discs.

Diamond Satellite Abrasive For Granite

The Diamond Satellite Abrasive is made of diamond with large particles, which has low working noise and fast grinding speed It is used for granite thickness determination and makes the stone leveling more accurate.

CNC Profiling Wheel

CNC grinding wheel has strong grindability, excellent polishing degree and long service life, and can customize the shape required by customers according to the shape of stone.

Diamond Grinding Wheel For Stone Profiling

Diamond grinding wheels are used for stone profiling.

Resin Bond 4 Step Flexible Polishing Pads

4-Step Dry Wet Diamond Polishing Pads are a great advancement in the technology of diamond polishing pads. They are ideal for polishing light colored granite and marble to achieve high gloss usually acquired in 6 to 7 steps with regular 7 or 8 step diamond polishing pads.

Diamond Router Bit For Profiling

Diamond router bit mainly used for shaping the edge or curve line for various granite and marble on manual-type profiling machines such as angle grinder or water polisher.

Multifunctional Stone Profiling Machine

Multifunctional stone profiling machine works with double blades and automatic tracking shape of model. it is very easy to operate. It is automatically controlled by microcomputer, specially designed to carry out architectural shaping such as profile, roman column and other diverse shapes on granite and marble.

Diamond Grinding Wheel For Profiling

Diamond grinding wheel for profiling adopts the production process of arc welding &vacuum sintering, which can improve the grinding efficiency and service life of products.

Diamond Segmented Grinding Wheel

Diamond segmented profile wheel is the unique design with good sharpness allows easy dust removal, The segment with silver welding make the wheel is more aggressive, have a good performance on granite/marble/quartz.

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Diamond wire saw for profiling&squaring
Plastic reinforced diamond wire saw for profiling&squaring.
CNC stubbing wheel
Diamond CNC profiling wheel for stone grinding&milling.
CNC profiling wheel
Diamond profiling wheel for stone grinding.
Diamond grinding profiling wheel
D300 segmented diamond grinding wheel for stone profiling.
Linsing plastic connection diamond wire saw for profiling
Linsing plastic connection diamond wire saw. Bead diameter:6.3mm, 7.3mm, 8.3mm, 9.0mm, 10mm etc, it used for stone squaring&profiling.
Linsing Diamond Fickert&Buff Fickert&LUX0#
Linsing diamond fickert and buff fickert for granite slab grinding and polishing.
Diamond Finger Bit&Sink Wheel
LINSING Diamond Finger Bit&Sink Wheel
CNC Diamond Profile Grinding Wheel
LINSING Diamond Profile Grinding Wheel For CNC Grinding Machinery.