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CNC Stubbing Wheel

CNC stubbing wheel is used for surface milling and material removal on granite and engineered stone.

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Metal disc
Metal bond diamond disc video
Buff polishing disc
Polishing disc for granite slab surface polishing.
Diamond fickert
LINSING length:170mm diamond fickert.
Resin fickert
Length:170mm resin bond diamond fickert for granite slab fine grinding.
Multiblade segment-6.5mm steel core thickness
Diamond segment for 6.5mm steel core thickness multi-blade.
Resin bond diamond grinding disc
Resin bond diamond grinding wheel for granite fine grinding.
Lux 0# polishing fickert
LUX0# polishing fickert for granite slab polishing.
Diamond saw blade for granite
LINSING diamond saw blade for granite cutting.
Linsing Granite Grinding&Polishing Disc Abrasive
Linsing metal bond diamond grinding wheel, resin bond diamond grinding disc, buff polishing disc for granite slab processing.
Diamond Bush Hammer&Roller
Linsing Diamond Bush Hammer For Stone Grinding