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X Mesh Turbo Cutting Disc

X mesh saw blade is a new type of diamond saw blade. This blade has a longer service life during the cutting process. In terms of performance, it is better than the general turbo saw blade, especially. It has good cutting force for hard building materials, such as stone, reinforced concrete, bricks, asphalt etc.

T Type Protection Teeth Cutting Disc

T type protection teeth cutting disc very safety, the special tooth shape design not only improves the impact resistance of the saw blade in terms of cutting performance, but also improves the cutting ability of the saw blade to a certain extent.

Turbo Type Protection Teeth Cutting Disc

Turbo type protection teeth cutting disc is a special kind of saw blade. Compared with the general turbo cutting disc, it has a more stable structure, and its cutting ability and stability have been greatly improved, and safer to use.

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