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Diamond Fickert

Diamond fickert have different particle sizes and different functions. Metal bond diamond fickert is used for rough grinding, resin fickert is used for fine grinding, and buff fickert is used for polishing.

Resin Disc For Granite

The resin grinding disc is used in the fine grinding stage of granite, and its grit ranges from 500-3000. The shape of the segments on the grinding disc is corrugated, petal-shaped, racetrack-shaped, triangular, etc.

CNC Stubbing Wheel

CNC stubbing wheel is used for surface milling and material removal on granite and engineered stone.

Diamond Grinding Wheel For Stone Profiling

Diamond grinding wheels are used for stone profiling.

Diamond Sintered Engraving Bit

Diamond engraving bit is made of high-tech technology. It has the characteristics of sharp cutting, high efficiency and good wear resistance. It is the preferred tool for making relief and the best tool for engraving.

Diamond Sink Wheel & Finger Bit

Diamond finger bit(sink wheel) adopts advanced production technology, strict product quality inspection process, long service life and stable grinding performance.

Diamond Router Bit For Profiling

Diamond router bit mainly used for shaping the edge or curve line for various granite and marble on manual-type profiling machines such as angle grinder or water polisher.

Diamond Bush Hammer

Diamond bush hammer is used for surface fabricating, texturing and roughening of smooth stone surfaces, to create anti-slip surfaces on stone floors and steps, etc.

Full-Automatic Bush Hammering Machine

Full automatic Bush Hammering Machine with 6/8-head is your ideal machine to process litchi surface with high production, easy operation and perfect result. The head is adjusted automatically with same depth, lower cost and lower breakage rate. Different size, irregular shape or thin slab with 10mm are all acceptable to process litchi surface.

Snail Lock Edge Polishing Pad

Snail lock is used for polishing radius and flat edges on granite, marble, and engineered stone.

Diamond Grinding Wheel For Profiling

Diamond grinding wheel for profiling adopts the production process of arc welding &vacuum sintering, which can improve the grinding efficiency and service life of products.

Diamond Segmented Grinding Wheel

Diamond segmented profile wheel is the unique design with good sharpness allows easy dust removal, The segment with silver welding make the wheel is more aggressive, have a good performance on granite/marble/quartz.

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