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Resin Fickert

Resin Fickert can improve the process precision, especially used in automatic granite polishing line.

Diamond Satellite Abrasive For Granite

The Diamond Satellite Abrasive is made of diamond with large particles, which has low working noise and fast grinding speed It is used for granite thickness determination and makes the stone leveling more accurate.

Stone Grinding Brushes

Stone grinding brushes used for processing the antique brick, porcelain tile plane, convex and sheepskin surface and other surface imitation matte.

Diamond Grinding Cup Wheels

The cup wheel can be used for the polishing of natural stone, artificial stone and concrete. The shape of the cup wheel includes single row cup wheel, double cup wheel, radial cup wheel, turbo cup wheel, snail lock cup wheel, resin bond cup wheels and so on.

CNC Stubbing Wheel

CNC stubbing wheel is used for surface milling and material removal on granite and engineered stone.

Diamond Sink Wheel & Finger Bit

Diamond finger bit(sink wheel) adopts advanced production technology, strict product quality inspection process, long service life and stable grinding performance.

PDC Cutters For Chain Saw

PDC (Polycrystalline Diamond Compact) Cutter is kind of superhard material that compact polycrystalline diamond with tungsten carbide substrate at ultra-high temperature and pressure

Frankfurt Metal Bond Abrasive

Frankfurt diamond abrasive is specially used for rough and medium grinding on marble slabs or concrete. The diamond abrasive is an ideal replacement for traditional silicon carbide abrasives, with which machine-stop and tools-installation time can be reduced thus the working efficiency increased greatly.

Hand Polishing Pad

Hand polishing pad is an economical system that incorprates both honing and polishing diamonds for repair of small areas or use on titles where hand polishing is practical. Floor polishing power tools 90*55mm, diamond hand polishing pad grit: 60#/100#/200#/400#/800#/1500#/3000# etc.

Diamond Grinding Abrasive For Concrete Floor

Diamond Concrete Grinding Plates are the best solution for large areas of thin coating removal, leveling and smoothing high spots in concrete, and work very well for concrete cleaning. Their segments are designed for aggressive grinding of concrete to make short work of your larger projects. These High Quality Diamond Grinding Tools are also ideal for the initial steps in concrete polishing procedures.

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Diamond cup wheels
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Resin bond diamond grinding disc
Resin bond diamond grinding wheel for granite fine grinding.
Diamond grinding brush
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Diamond Grinding Abrasive For Concrete
Diamond tool grinding segment and floor grinding wheel, grinding disc, grinding shoes etc.
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Linsing Diamond Fickert&Buff Fickert&LUX0#
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Frankfurt Grinding Abrasive For Marble
Frankfurt Metal Bond Diamond Grinding Abrasive, resin bond diamond grinding abrasive, magnesite grinding abrasive, oxalic polishing abrasive and nylon polishing tools.
Diamond Cup Wheel
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Antique Grinding Brushes
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Diamond Bush Hammer&Roller
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