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Diamond Segment For Sandstone Cutting

Sandstone cutting segment is a diamond tool specially used for cutting sandstone stone Sandstone is a very special kind of stone, it has the characteristics of large hardness span and high abrasiveness, so the quality of segment is required to be high Linxing s sandstone cutting segments has the characteristics of good sharpness, long service life, stable cutting and high cost performance

Diamond Saw Blade For Marble

Marble saw blade is a kind of diamond tool used for marble cutting It has the characteristics of long life and good continuity, used on saw blade for cutting block and slab

Arix Diamond Circular Saw Blade

Arranged saw blade is a high-quality sawing product with high sharpness and long service life, which is specially used for granite cutting Its sharpness is about 30% higher than that of general saw blades The incision is smooth, without edge collapse, with excellent stable cutting performance

Diamond Fickert

Diamond fickert have different particle sizes and different functions Metal Fickert is used for rough grinding, resin fickert is used for fine grinding, and Buff is used for polishing

Buff Polishing Disc

The granite polishing disc is used for the last step of polishing, and the polished granite is smoother and more glossy The granite polishing discs produced by Linxing are made of high-quality polishing materials, and their service life is 10%-30% longer than that of ordinary polishing discs

Resin Fickert

Resin Fickert can improve the process precision, especially used in automatic granite polishing line

Resin Disc For Granite

The resin grinding disc is used in the fine grinding stage of granite, and its grit ranges from 500 to 3000 The shape of the segments on the grinding disc is corrugated, petal-shaped, racetrack-shaped, triangular, etc

Diamond Satellite Abrasive For Granite

The Diamond Satellite Abrasive is made of diamond with large particles, which has low working noise and fast grinding speed It is used for granite thickness determination and makes the stone leveling more accurate

Metal Bond Diamond Grinding Disc

Metal Disc For Granite with a sharp, durable, good finish three characteristics for grinding granite

Buff Fickert For Granite

Buff fickert applicable for kinds of auto polishing machine and hand operated polishing machine,uselife long,the good quality for grinding

Flexible Polishing Pad For Wet Use

Wet polishing pad have long service life and are available in grit sizes between 50 and 3000, but should be used in aqueous environments Provides the best professional polish on curved edges or flat surfaces of granite, marble and other natural stones

Diamond Grinding Cup Wheels

The bowl mill can be used for the polishing of natural stone, artificial stone and concrete The shape of the bowl mill includes single row cup wheel, double cup wheel, radial cup wheel, turbo cup wheel, snail lock cup wheel, resin bond cup wheels and so on

Diamond Grinding Wheel For Stone Profiling

Diamond grinding wheels are used for stone profiling

Diamond Core Drill Bit

Diamond core drill bits use super grade diamond, with high drilling efficiency They are commonly used for drilling hard materials such as stone, ceramic tile, reinforced concrete and so on

Diamond Sintered Engraving Bit

Diamond engraving bit is made of high-tech technology It has the characteristics of sharp cutting, high efficiency and good wear resistance It is the preferred tool for making relief and the best tool for engraving

J-Slot Diamond Saw Blade

J slot diamond saw blade with "J " slot utilizes special grade diamond for smooth fast cutting and long life Distinctive J-slot core for improved precision, stability, reduced cutting noise and superior cooling The blade is used to cut ceramic tile, porcelain tile, granite & marble tiles, it is designed to be used wet only

Frankfurt Oxalic Polishing Abrasive

5 10 Extra frankfurt oxalic polishing abrasive is used to fine polish the marble travertine slabs or tiles in automatic line polishing machine or manual polishing machine

CNC Conic Mill Bit

Conic Mill has long life with high cost-effective, which is used to carve stone

Fully-automatic Polishing Machine

This machine Applicable for polishing the surface of granite & marble slabs and tiles Using the most advanced technology for granite polishing and superior material, reasonable structure, completed processing technique, stable performance, high efficiency and energy saving Electric parts are of worldwide brand, PLC control system and friendly human-machine interface via LCD to achieve fully auto computerized control

Diamond bush hammer

Diamond bush hammer is used for surface fabricating, texturing and roughening of smooth stone surfaces, to create anti-slip surfaces on stone floors and steps, etc.

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