Diamond Circular Saw Blade For Granite Cutting Blade

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Granite cutting blade is a type of diamond saw blade specially used for granite stone cutting. This type of saw blade usually has the following characteristics, many of which are unique to this type of saw blade:

1: The hardness of the granite cutting blade segment is higher. This is mainly reflected in the cutting teeth of the granite saw blade (that is, the part of the diamond segment). Since granite generally has high hardness in nature, the Mohs hardness is mostly 6-8. Such a high hardness requires a harder material. cut it. Therefore, on granite cutting blades, the hardness of the segment is particularly important, and the segment is composed of two parts: diamond and matrix powder. Diamond does not need to worry about its hardness, but for matrix bonding agent, the ratio of metal and the sintering process are determined. the final hardness of the blade.

2: The abrasiveness requirements of granite cutting saw blades are high. Granite is a kind of stone with quartz, plagioclase, pyroxene, mica and other structures deposited over time. These materials are highly abrasive, especially mica. When cutting such materials, if the saw blade abraiveness is not enough, that will cause diamonds falling off before reaching the cutting life, thus greatly reducing the cutting ability of the saw blade.

3: High sharpness requirements: The cutting process of granite and marble is not the same. For marble, sharpness is often not a problem, because marble is mostly soft, and it is more important to control the consumption of the saw blade segment carcass, but for granite cutting saw blades, the sharpness of the segment is particularly important. If the segment is not sharp enough, there will be many problems. For example, if the current is too high, the impact force of the saw blade will increase, and eventually the saw blade will lose teeth. In other cases, such as the bending of the saw blade in stone cutting, and the cutting of the stone, etc., the sharpness of the cutting is a particularly important factor for the granite circular saw blade. At present, in order to ensure the cutting sharpness of the saw blade, the silent saw blade and the arix saw blade are the most common choices.

4: Strong thermal conductivity: The thermal conductivity of the granite saw blade is a very important parameter. If the thermal conductivity is not enough, the saw blade will have several problems. First, the saw blade matrix will deform due to local overheating. Secondly, due to the high temperature of the solder joint between the segment and the saw blade, the solder will soften, resulting in tooth loss. Finally, the temperature of the cutting segment can be reduced. Although water cutting can appropriately reduce the temperature of the saw blade, a saw blade with strong thermal conductivity can significantly alleviate the excessively high temperature of the saw blade.

5: Low expansion coefficient: The granite saw blade needs a matrix material with a low expansion coefficient, such as alloy steel materials of Mn55 and Mn65 materials. This kind of matrix will hardly be thermally deformed when subjected to high temperature, the durability are much longer than HSS saw blades.

6: The granite saw blade has a large segment spacing: In order to make the segment have better cutting performance, the granite saw blade uses more saw blades with large U-shaped and key holes in terms of medium diameter saw blades. This design increases the cutting and splitting ability, which can significantly improve the sharpness of the saw blade.

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