The Type Of Diamond Saw Blades

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There are many types of diamonds. If you are not familiar with the diamond saw blade industry, most people think that diamond saw blades are all the same, but this is not the case. The saw blade for cutting reinforced concrete and the saw blade for cutting porcelain tiles are very different. The specific differences are the following five points.

1: There is a large range of blade sizes for cutting reinforced concrete, while a smaller range of blade sizes for porcelain tile cutting. There are many mechanical specifications of reinforced concrete cutting machine. The largest wall saw machine can hold a saw blade with a diameter of 1200mm. Other reinforced concrete cutting saw blades are generally 300mm, 350mm, 400mm, 450mm, 500mm, 600mm, 700mm, 800mm, 1000mm, 1200mm, etc. The diameter of the saw blade for cutting porcelain tiles and ceramics is about 300-450mm, and the most common saw blades are 300mm, 350mm, 400mm, 450mm and other sizes.

2: Different blank bade thickness. In the process of concrete cutting, the efficiency requirements of diamond saw blades are not high, but the requirements for the wear resistance of the saw blades are relatively large. The life and sharpness are the more important factors of the reinforced concrete cutting blade, so the thickness of the saw blade used for cutting reinforced concrete will be larger. However, for porcelain tile saw blades, the thickness of the segment is required to be thin, so during the cutting process, the sharpness of the segment will be guaranteed, so the saw blade for cutting ceramic tiles has a smaller blank blade thickness.

3: There is a huge difference in the shape of the segment of the reinforced concrete saw blade and the ceramic saw blade. The segment of the reinforced concrete cutting saw blade has the following characteristics that are different from the ceramic saw blade segment:

1): Most reinforced concrete segments are designed to have a thinner edge. In order to ensure longevity, some cutting edges require a thick structure. This semi-thick and semi-thin structure is suitable for cutting steel with hard materials, while ensuring the cutting life. Most of the ceramic cutting saw blades are segment edges with uniform thickness.

2): Most of the blades of reinforced concrete cutting saw blades have special shapes, such as W-shaped, corrugated, half-turbine and so on. The ceramic discs are mostly continuous structure or cross-split structure. Some particularly brittle ceramics are also cut in continuous discs, which maximizes the cutting quality.

3): The wear resistance of the reinforced concrete saw blade segment is higher, while the wear resistance of the porcelain tile cutting segment is lower. So the formulas of the two are not comparable at all. The material of the reinforced concrete segment is mostly iron-based, while the matrix material of the porcelain tile cutting saw blade is mostly copper bond and cobalt bond.

4): There are differences in price. Due to the need for good cutting quality, the price of porcelain tile cutting saw blades is much higher than that of concrete cutting saw blades, which is almost 1-2 times the price of concrete cutting saw blades.

5): The last key point is that reinforced concrete cutting discs and ceramic tile cutting discs have different requirements for blank blade material. Reinforced concrete cutting blades require a moderate material for the base of the saw blade and sufficient rigidity. However, for the porcelain tile cutting saw blade, the material of the substrate needs to be hard and rigid to meet the needs.

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