Attention In The Production Of High-Performance Diamond Saw Blades

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The manufacturing method of high-performance diamond saw blades is very different from traditional diamond saw blades, The following will introduce the characteristics of high-quality diamond saw blades and introduce several points that should be paid attention to in the production process.

1: The diamond grade should be selected. So what kind of diamond is good? Since it is difficult to control the shape of the final product during the production of synthetic diamonds, most diamonds have irregular polygonal structures. The polygonal shape is sharper than the tetrahedral structure, but this diamond is produced less. The commonly used diamond for saw blades is hexahedral diamond. So what is the difference between poor-grade diamond and high-grade industrial diamond? Poor quality diamonds are of octahedral or more faceted structure, In the actual cutting process, due to the large cutting water chestnut formed by each face of the diamond, the cutting ability cannot be highlighted. Of course, if there are some problems with the diamond caused by temperature or pressure during the production process. Or secondary sintering of diamond will lead to unstable properties of diamond, such as higher brittleness and insufficient hardness. Therefore, selecting diamond powder with as many tetrahedra as possible is an important prerequisite for making high-quality diamond saw blades.

2: The particle size is moderate, Coarse-grained diamond has the advantages of strong cutting ability and high cutting edge, which is a must-have for high-efficiency saw blades. The fine particle saw blade has the characteristics of supplementary grinding, less consumption and even distribution. During the cutting process, the parts that are not ground by the coarse-grained diamond can be supplemented and ground, and the diamond will not be rapidly peeled off due to the impact, which will cause great waste. Moreover, the reasonable application of coarse and fine particles, calculated according to the bulk density, can quickly increase the diamond concentration to a certain extent. In general, although coarse-grained diamonds are of great help to cutting efficiency. However, adding some fine-grained diamonds appropriately to match the coarse and fine powders will make the saw blade more cost-effective during the cutting process, and there will be no situation where the coarse-grained diamonds cannot be cut after being ground flat.

3: Better thermal stability. In the production process of diamond, graphite is processed by high temperature and high pressure. High-temperature graphite forms diamond powder particles in a characteristic environment. In fact, most diamonds in nature have the same thermal stability. However, it has been considered that if the thermal stability of diamond is increased, the efficiency of diamond can be increased. Therefore, people achieve the purpose of increasing thermal stability through titanium plating. There are many ways of titanium plating, including brazing titanium plating, and titanium plating using traditional titanium plating methods. Including whether the state of titanium plating is solid or liquid, etc., has a great influence on the final result of titanium plating.

4: Increase the cutting ability of the diamond saw blade by increasing the holding force. It was found that strong carbon can directly form a stable structure on the surface of diamond, also known as strong carbon compound. Metal elements that can form such compounds with diamond, including metal materials such as plating, titanium, chromium, nickel, tungsten, etc. There are also metals such as molybdenum, which can improve the wettability of diamond and these metals, and increase the holding force of diamond by increasing the wettability.

5: The use of ultra-fine powder or prefabricated alloy powder can increase the stability of the bond. The finer the powder, the stronger the wettability between each metal powder and diamond during sintering, It also avoids the loss and segregation of low melting point metals at low temperatures, which cannot achieve the effect of metals and wetting agents, which greatly reduces the cutting quality and matrix stability of the diamond saw blade.

6: Add an appropriate amount of rare earth elements (such as rare earth lanthanum, cerium, etc.) to the matrix powder. It can significantly reduce the wear of the diamond cutter head matrix, and can also improve the cutting efficiency of the diamond saw blade (the most obvious performance is that when the sharpness is improved, the life of the saw blade decreases slowly).

7: Vacuum protection sintering, common sintering machines are sintered in the natural state. This sintering method allows the segment to be exposed to the air for a long time. During the sintering process, the segment is prone to oxidation and decreased stability. However, if the cutter head is sintered in a vacuum environment, it can reduce the oxidation of the segment and greatly improve the stability of the segment.

8: Single mold sintering. According to the working principle of the current hot pressing sintering machine, the best way is to use single-mode sintering. In this way, during the sintering process, the stability difference between the upper and lower layers of the segment is small, and the sintering is uniform. However, if two-mode sintering or four-mode sintering is used, the stability of sintering will be greatly reduced.

9: Welding, during welding, The stability of silver solder pads is much higher than that of copper solder pads. The use of silver solder pads with a silver content of 35% is of great help to the final welding strength of the saw blade and the impact resistance during use.

In summary, the high-performance saw blades pay attention to many details in the production process. Only by carefully controlling every aspect of every procurement, production, post-processing and other work can it be possible to make an excellent diamond saw blade product.

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