Mine granite cutting segment

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The source of natural stone is countless stone mountains. In nature, mountains and rocks constitute the beauty of nature. With the completion of the city, people and nature begin to alienate. In reinforced concrete buildings, returning to nature has become the mainstream decoration trend. Since ancient times, people have been continuously mining and processing stones, combining them with home decoration in various ways, from stone carvings, plates to special-shaped decorative stones, people’s demand for stone is increasing, naturally, for mines The mining has also paid more attention.

Granite mining is a very important part of the stone processing link. Mining is mainly to strip the blocks from the mountain, and it faces three problems:

First: the efficiency of mining, the low mining efficiency will lead to the increase in the cost of stone production, and due to the lack of materials, the price of the stone will naturally rise, which will affect the sales of the stone and is not conducive to the development of the industry.

Second: the surface of the quarried stone. Simply put, it is the mining of the large surface of the stone. Generally speaking, the higher the length, width, and height of the quarried blocks, the larger the cutting surface and the larger the cutting surface. Processing, layout, and design are more selectable, and stone will be saved more, thereby reducing stone cost and waste. (When blocks are used as plates, they do not have high requirements for width. When used as large-scale stone carvings, volume is a very important measure).

Keep the size of mining blocks as consistent as possible. For granite, the cutting surface is exquisite. The pattern of the front cut and the pattern of the side cut are different, which leads to the size of the blocks in the cutting process of granite. Try to require uniformity, and keep the length, width and height requirements consistent.

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With these three requirements, large-scale mining saws have become the mainstream mining machinery for granite mining. Then comes the use of a large number of mining segments. So what is mining granite cutting segment?

The mining granite cutting segment is a diamond segment used for cutting granite mines. It is mainly welded on a circular saw blade. Finally, the saw blade is installed on a large circular saw. The circular saw walks back and forth to complete the blocks. Mining. So what are the characteristics of the diamond segment used for granite mining?

1: The thickness of the cutting segment in granite mines is larger, because in the cutting process of granite mines, saw blades with thicker substrates are used, so as to ensure that the saw blades will not deflect during the cutting process, in order to ensure better chip removal And better cooling, the segment is slightly larger than the thickness of the substrate, so the thickness of the mine segment becomes larger due to the increase in the thickness of the substrate.

2: In the design direction, the sharpness requirements are higher. Because the mining segment directly faces the unknown cutting object below, it must be given higher sharpness, otherwise if there is a harder material below, segment cutting will occur. The immobile situation may even lead to bending and deformation of the diamond saw blade.

3: In terms of cutting edge, the mine segment must use a segment with very good cutting edge. The fast cutting edge will make the saw blade cut more smoothly. If you choose a segment that is not easy to sharpen, it will be difficult to cut the knife in the early stage and slow in the knife. Increasing segment consumption, etc., thereby reducing the cutting life of the segment.

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So how to choose a mine segment? The selection of mining segment is very particular, and there are mainly the following aspects that need attention:

1: Priority is given to cooperation with large factories, such as Jiangx linxing, Fujian wanlong, zhongzhi, SCT, these are the mainstream domestic mining segment manufacturers that do better. If you choose small factories to cooperate, because the small factories don’t understand the stone types in various regions, Therefore, in the process of segment design, there will be a long test process, and because the small factory is not familiar with the mine situation, the time period for debugging will be very long.

2: Mine segment consumption is very fast, and the high cost performance will be more popular. Among many brands, the cost performance of linxing mine segment is better than that of its peers. For many years, it has been the leader of domestic mining segment, and with development of. Linxing's segment stability is getting better and better, and its life span and sharpness are getting better and better.

3: After-sales is very important. Choosing a good after-sales manufacturer is extremely important. Stability can help customers solve problems in the first time without affecting production. Mining companies attach great importance to it, so linxing is established in all provinces The branch can quickly solve the customer's problems, thus gaining more customers' favor.