Granite mining segment

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Speaking of mining, many friends will have stone blasting in their hearts, and then stones of different sizes will roll down the mountain. People use small stones for reclamation and crafts, while large stones are trimmed and trimmed before being used by others. For cutting large boards or strips. Later, people began to accurately blast, first drill holes through a drill, and then bury explosives. After blasting, the blocks were formed. This was the fastest way to mine stone at that time.

At the beginning of the 21st century, people discovered that such blasting methods not only caused great harm to mines, but also caused great pollution to the environment. Especially in recent years, people have paid more and more attention to environmental protection, and violent mining methods have become impossible. Extracting, more scientific, and more environmentally friendly mining methods have emerged.

People started to use wire saw mining is the first step. People have found that wire saw mining can cut very large stone. In Brazil, in the United States, and Italy, a large number of marble mines preferentially use mining wire saws for mining stone. However, people have discovered that although the wire saw mining technology is advanced, it can only be mined piece by piece of stone and cannot be mixed, and the processing efficiency is still slow.

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The Chinese changed this status quo. First of all, they benefited from the large number of mountain foot mines and flat land mines in China. People found that if a large saw blade is used to cut the mine, if a forward thrust is given, then mining can become simple. So soon, the circular saw machine appeared. This kind of machine uses two sides to mount a saw blade on each side, and the forward thrust is given through the track. Many circular saw machines can process on the same horizontal plane, which is very large. Improve the efficiency of cutting.

With such a machine, naturally, it has been vigorously promoted by people. In 2016, the combination of circular saw machine and wire saw machine made stone mining very simple, and this period is the golden age of mining segment Is coming.

The mining segment is aimed at large and super large diamond saw blades with diameters of 2200mm, 2400mm, 3300mm, 3600mm, 3800mm, 4600mm, etc. The segment size will also be made larger, mainly to increase the cutting gap and ensure the stability of the cutting of.

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There are two main shapes for mine segments. The first is the "M" type. This type of segment is used in granite mines and has the characteristics of simple blade cutting and high segment cutting efficiency. The second type is "K" type. The main function of this segment is also good for cutting edges, but the advantage of this segment is that when it is hard, the segment can quickly form a cutting edge, which can be better adapted. If it is a soft stone, It is recommended to use "M" or flat segments to increase the service life of the segments appropriately.

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