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Diamond Segment For Granite Cutting

Granite cutting segment is a diamond tool for cutting granite Linxing s granite cutting segments has the characteristics of wide variety, strong pertinence, long life, high sharpness and high cost performance

Diamond Segment For Multi-Saw Blade

Multi segment is a kind of diamond tool used in Italian multiblade cutting machine, Chinese multiblade bridge saw machine, or chinese single column multiblade cutting machine It is usually used to cut stone blocks, and it has the characteristics of high cutting efficiency and stable cutting

Diamond Segment For Quarrying&Mining

Diamond quarrying segment is a kind of diamond tool product commonly used in granite mining The product is mainly used for the mining of granite stone blocks, it is used on the mine circular saw By laying the track, the circular saw can mine the stone blocks in the round-trip process

Diamond Saw Blade For Granite

Linsing granite cutting saw blade is a diamond tool for cutting granite, it has the characteristics of high sharpness, good wear resistance and long lifespan

Arix Diamond Circular Saw Blade

Arranged saw blade is a high-quality sawing product with high sharpness and long service life, which is specially used for granite cutting Its sharpness is about 30% higher than that of general saw blades The incision is smooth, without edge collapse, with excellent stable cutting performance

Diamond Multi Wire Saw For Block

The combined wire saw is used on the automatic wire saw machine Multiple sets of wire saws have high cutting efficiency and low cutting noise Generally used for higher hardness marble and lower hardness granite cutting

Diamond Wire Saw For Granite Quarrying

The advantages of wire saw granite mining: 1 Wide adaptability 2 High mining efficiency 3 Flexible cutting method 4 Large cutting depth 5 High output 6 Low comprehensive cost 7 Environmental protection and no pollution

Wire Saw Machine For Quarrying&Mining

Diamond wire saw can be used on all types of marble, granite and stone, with maximum productivity and a diamond wire durability at maximum cutting speed All controls are fully automatic and do not require the constant presence of the operator

Multiblade Bridge Saw Machine For Granite Block Cutting

Multiblade bridge cutting machine adopts high-speed cutting techmology It is mainly used for cutting granite and marble panels It is also used for processing stone products such as tombstone, kerbstone, foundation stone, slope protection stone, panel slabs etc

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LINSING multiblade bridge saw machine for granite block cutting
Multi wire saw
D6.3mm D7.2mm multi-wire saw rope for granite block cutting.
Diamond segment for granite block cutting
24*11.5&12.7*26.5mm M shape diamond segment for granite block cutting.
Arix saw blade
Arix saw blade for granite slab/tile cutting.