Granite segment wear factors

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In the process of processing stone, the stone sawing tool adopts a hard-to-hard processing mode. The stone is cut and polished through high-speed machining through higher hardness diamonds. Granite is the world's largest storage capacity. The natural stone resources of China have received more attention.

In the process of granite cutting, the hardness and abrasiveness of the stone are the main properties to be investigated. The higher the hardness, the higher the particle size of the diamond powder required, the higher the diamond concentration and grade, and the higher the natural price. In practical applications, we found that in addition to the stacking of high-quality materials, we also need to pay attention to the wear of granite on the segment. If these problems are solved, the diamond segment will have a longer service life and better performance in the process of cutting granite. High cutting efficiency.

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In the cutting process of granite, it continuously expands the incision during the continuous collision and polishing process with the segment, and finally forms a long and deep cutting surface. In this process, the diamond segment is in direct contact with the stone, except for this natural Wear, there are many other factors, let's list a few specifically:

High-temperature carbonization, the diamond segment will generate a lot of heat during the collision with the granite during the cutting process. If this heat is not cooled or released, the segment temperature will easily rise sharply. Once it exceeds 550 degrees Celsius, the diamond will slow down. Slow carbonization, part of the diamond will turn into graphite, and graphite is a relatively soft material, the diamond turned into graphite will obviously be unable to cut the stone facing the stone, and rapid wear will occur. A large amount of carbonized diamond is The shape of graphite is continuously peeled from the segment. This kind of reason is widely seen in the cutting process, insufficient water supply; too fast saw blade speed, resulting in insufficient water cooling; water stoppage or insufficient water tower pressure causes water stoppage, resulting in saw blade dry cutting, etc., these reasons are all It can lead to carbonization of the diamond segment, resulting in wear.

If the diamond grade is not enough, granite cutting must adjust the diamond grade according to the hardness of the stone. If diamond sand with insufficient diamond grade is used, the diamond will be broken by strong impact during the cutting process and the violent collision. As a result, segment wear is caused. This wear is often very fatal, and more serious will cause the segment to be flattened and the stone cannot be cut.

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The diamond grain size is too large or too small, the grain size and grade are often combined. Diamonds with large grain sizes and insufficient grades are prone to high consumption and low power; diamonds with large grain sizes and high grades are easy to consume although they are reduced. Diamonds become blunt and do not cut. Diamonds with small particle sizes and insufficient grades often cannot cut hard stones. This kind of segment is cheap, but the performance is the most unstable; and the diamond with small particle size and high grade consumes less. But the difficulty of cutting the edge is the biggest problem.

In addition to the above factors, the carcass binder is also a very core reason. Too soft carcass binder is prone to tooth loss and partial wear, while too hard carcass binder consumes too slowly during the cutting process. As a result, the diamond cannot be edged, which reduces the processing efficiency.

All in all, in the process of diamond segment cutting granite, many factors will affect the consumption of diamond segment. To make the segment have better efficiency and life, more details need to be paid attention to.