Several operation suggestions to reduce the consumption of granite segment

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During the cutting process of granite, various problems will appear, especially in the actual operation process, the situation is more complicated, so how to reduce the production cost and how to make the segment play its higher function is what every stone processing technician should Master production skills.

The stone generates a lot of heat during the cutting process. This heat is rarely absorbed by the stone. Most of the heat is concentrated by the saw blade. The segment as the main cutting tooth bears a lot of heat. A lot of heat will cause The segment temperature rises rapidly. High-temperature segments will carbonize the diamonds inside them and turn them into graphite, which will reduce the efficiency of the segment and the performance of the product. In addition, too high temperature will cause the segment to burn, fall off, and even cause the matrix to deform. . Therefore, under normal circumstances, cooling water will be poured along the saw blade cut to cool down and protect the saw blade. If you want to cool down better and reduce segment consumption, you can use coolant appropriately, which can be emulsified or liquid solution products. Such coolant can have a better cooling effect when cutting, and Play a certain lubricating effect. In the process of cutting the stone, the segment and the stone are cut more smoothly, reducing the coefficient of friction, thereby reducing the consumption of the segment. Common emulsions include saponified dissolving oil, Taikoo oil, etc. Adding emulsions requires attention to changes in water quality and the concentration of the coolant. If there is any abnormality, it needs to be adjusted in time.


Adjusting the linear speed of the saw blade can significantly reduce the consumption of the segment. In the process of stone sawing, if the linear speed of the saw blade is too low when processing granite, the contact time between the segment and the stone will increase, and the increase in friction will cause the segment temperature to increase sharply. Under the same cooling conditions, the segment temperature rises, which directly causes diamond carbonization and loosening of the segment and matrix welding; if the linear velocity is too high, the diamond needs to face a stronger impact force. If the diamond grade is not high, the impact is strong. Under high pressure, the diamond will crack, which greatly reduces the cutting performance and causes the life of the granite segment to decrease. Therefore, when replacing a new segment, you must carefully observe and test, test the segment temperature, wear and tear, and adjust the linear speed after analysis and judgment, so that the granite segment has better cutting performance and life during normal use ( Generally speaking, in the process of cutting granite, the diamond segment will have an optimal linear speed. The optimal linear speed of each diamond segment is not necessarily the best linear speed that the stone processing personnel need to complete. Work), while maintaining good performance and longevity of the segment, it is logical to reduce segment consumption.

Adjust the balance between production efficiency and processing life. In the process of cutting granite for diamond segment, if you pursue production efficiency to increase the cutting depth and feed speed, although this can maximize productivity, but in terms of life, excessive segment consumption is the largest problem. However, if the feed speed is reduced, the carcass wears slowly, it is not easy to open the edge, and the diamond is not easy to break and be ground, which will eventually lead to an increase in cutting power consumption and a decrease in productivity. Generally speaking, if facing softer stone, the processing personnel should increase the cutting depth and reduce the feed speed; if cutting medium-hard stone, it is necessary to increase the feed speed, appropriately reduce the cutting depth, and appropriately reduce the feed rate in actual operation. Knife speed, retreat speed, and exit speed.

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Stone processing is not simply imitating, similar, but constantly adjusting the various speeds of the machinery under constantly changing conditions, so as to obtain the best cutting effect and reduce segment consumption. Lastly, during the cutting process of stone, the most important thing is to keep the cutting speed uniform, which not only can get a smoother stone surface, but also reduces segment loss and production costs.