Linxing big size sandstone diamond segment

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In nature, there is a relatively special kind of stone, with quartz sand as the main component. After the passage of time, before the formation of more solid granite, it exists in the form of sandstone. This kind of stone has an obvious granular sand surface with a hardness softer than Granite is inferior to granite in terms of stability and water absorption, and the color difference is also very obvious, but most of this stone has its own characteristics, such as giving a sense of desert, age, golden color, and hotness. In exterior walls, it is not afraid of weathering and not afraid of soaked with rain, so whether it is used as an exterior wall or a background wall, sculptures, etc., it can give people a high-end visual sense.

The segment for cutting sandstone is very hard, there are three point reason:

The first point is that the formation period of sandstone is very long, so the span is very large, and the hardness is the most obvious. The Mohs hardness is between 4-8, so the cutting requirements of the segments are very high. Generally speaking, it needs to be based on the local After detailed analysis of the hardness of the sandstone, special blending can be carried out to obtain a better applicable segment product.

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The second point is that the main component of sandstone is quartz sand. During the cutting process, if the sharpness of the segment is not enough, it is easy to have edges, missing corners, and unequal slab surfaces. Therefore, the sharpness of the large sandstone segment must be adjusted accurately during the design process.

The third point is that during the cutting process of sandstone, the quartz sand will automatically pop up, and the flying sand will continue to hit the double walls on the side of the stone, and then fall, causing difficulty in chip removal and requiring secondary cutting and other problem.

There are other problems, such as increased service life, sharpening, etc., which are all factors that affect the design of sandstone segment. In short, sandstone is not abundant in nature, but it is difficult to process, and it is common for most stone processing factory are facing a problem of findding a good sandstone segment.

In response to this hard-to-find sandstone segment, Jiangxi Linxing Diamond Tools Co., Ltd. Started to set up a sandstone segment design research project in 2010. After eight years of research, it has discovered the law of wire cutting movement in the sandstone cutting process. Through data modeling and long-term continuous testing, Linxing Diamond Tools has developed a new type of diamond segment product for sandstone cutting. The product is designed in an M shape, the mainly object is easy to open edge, in structural materials, We have added a variety of rare metal powders to make the matrix bond of the segment and diamond have a tighter bonding force, increase the physical and chemical stress of the two, thereby increasing the life of the segment. In cutting efficiency, Linxing improved the diamond powder of uniform particle size and replaced it with diamond particles combined with large and small particles. Although the stability has been reduced, due to the special process of our matrix bond, in actual applications, each diamond powder performs its own duties. The large one is used for breaking and cutting and the small one is used for normal cutting and polishing, so that Linxing's sandstone segment can be processed in different cutting conditions and materials.

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At present, Linxing sandstone segment have gained a very large market in China, India, Australia and other countries and some regions. Especially in India, Linxing have occupied more than 50% of the market share and have won the trust and favor of customers.