Diamond Segment For Cutting Red Sandstone

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The colors of sandstone in world has three type, they are yellow sandstone,white sandstone,red sandstone,however the color of sandstone is simpler than other stones. Sandstone has strong water absorption and weathering resistance, coupled with its anti-slip, moisture-proof, anti-corrosion, and non-toxic characteristics, and has gradually been widely used in decoration.

Most of the sandstone forms red sandstone due to its more clay and iron oxide composition, and red sandstone is also the most common sandstone on the market. This kind of sandstone has strong abrasiveness, and in terms of hardness, since the main components of sandstone are quartz and feldspar, the higher the content of quartz, the higher the hardness of the sandstone. Red sandstone is a sandstone containing clay. According to the composition of the clay, the Mohs hardness span of sandstone is 2.5-7.5. Such a large span places very high requirements on the diamond bit used for sandstone cutting.

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So the features of sandstone as follow:

First: The bond abrasiveness is extremely demanding. Because the abrasiveness of sandstone is very high, a large amount of sandstone contains a lot of quartz, gravel, and during the cutting process, the quartz quickly grinds the segment, and the diamond segment bond is quickly consumed. Under normal circumstances , The abrasiveness of the bond of the sandstone segment is much higher than that of the diamond segment for cutting other stones.

Second: The diamonds of sandstone segment is less. Sandstone grinds the bond quickly, and the diamond content is too much. In fact, it is not good for the rapid consumption of the bond. It will even increase the consumption of the cutter head faster, so the concentration of diamond is reduced. In terms of grade, although a good diamond can improve the cutting sharpness and efficiency of the segment, if a medium grade diamond is used, good results can still be achieved. The reason is that the diamond and the bond are not tightly bonded during the cutting process of the segment. The reason for this is that the sandstone segment pays too much attention to the abrasiveness of the matrix bond and weakens the diamond holding force.

Third: At present, the machinery for cutting sandstone is relatively old, and the cutting efficiency is not valued, but the life expectancy will be more valued. The normal cutting time of a normal sandstone cutter head is 2-7 days. If the sharpness is too high, the consumption of the segment will increase sharply. On the contrary, if the cutting speed is too high, it will increase the service life of the segment. The reason is that in the cutting process of the old sandstone machine, the excessively high speed is not conducive to mechanical cutting, and excessive current will cause the motor to shake, and even some machines use a constant cutting speed. Cutting stones of different hardness use the same speed. Naturally Greatly reduce the service life of the diamond segment. For the diamond segment for cutting red sandstone, it is the best choice to use an old machine with a good mix cutting segment.

Fourth: Sandstone segments have very high requirements for sharpness, The highest Mohs hardness of red sandstone is about 7.8. For such a hard stone, if the sharpness of the segment is not enough, the saw blade will either not cut in, or will greatly reduce the cutting efficiency. Therefore, in order to solve the problem of the sharpness of sandstone segments, multi-layer segments (also known as sandwich segments, sandstone segemnt generally have 5-11 layers) will be used more.

Almost all sandstone segments are M-shaped. The M-shaped sandstone segment can greatly accelerate the cutting speed of the segment, quickly peel off the bond, expose the diamond, and form a cutting edge.

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In general, the segment for cutting red sandstone has the characteristics of high abrasiveness, low diamond concentration, good penetration, sandwich structure, and M type. Jiangxi Linxing Diamond Tools Co., Ltd. specializes in custom red sandstone segments. Customers in need are welcome to consult.