Installation Methods Of Diamond Saw Blade

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The diamond saw blade is a commonly used tool, but many people will have more problems when using the diamond saw blade, which will have some bad effects. For example, the saw blade will oscillate, the lifespan will decrease, and the sharpness will be low. So how to install all kinds of diamond saw blades correctly? This article will have a detailed introduction.

1: Choose the right saw blade: The right saw blade is determined according to the cutting environment, cutting conditions, and cutting machinery. First, introducing the cutting environment, which refers to the situation that the saw blade will face during the cutting process. For example, cutting on the road, cutting or cutting stone blocks on site, different cutting objects, etc., all directly affect the cutting environment. Select the corresponding saw blade for cutting different products. Next is the cutting condition, which mainly refers to whether the saw blade has cooling water during the cutting process, how the chip removal ability is, the required size of the cutting gap, and the required cutting quality. Finally, consider what machine it is, such as a large saw blade for a circular saw, a combination saw or a gantry cut. Medium diameter saw blades are more suitable for machinery such as medium or infrared bridges. Small diamond saw blades (also called small cutting discs) are used in machinery such as cutters or angle grinders.

The above three factors determine the type or size of the saw blade. After choosing a suitable saw blade, you can start the installation. Due to the different sizes of saw blades bring different installation methods, in order to better explain the installation steps, we will mainly introduce the installation of small diamond chips below.

2: Find the direction arrow of the diamond cutting blade. The saw blade has a direction. Each saw blade has its own prescribed direction. The cutting direction is the cutting edge direction of the diamond segments on the saw blade. When cutting along the cutting edge direction, the saw blade can cut very quickly. On the contrary, in the early cutting process of the saw blade, it will stay in the cutting edge stage for a long time, and the final effect is that the life of the diamond segment is not long enough, and the cutting efficiency is not fast enough. This is especially true for some saw blades (ordered saw blades), if the cutting direction is not followed, the cutting efficiency may even be extremely low. (It should be noted that when the saw blade is installed on the angle grinder, the patterned side of the saw blade faces the side of the angle grinding wheel.)

3: Check the diamond saw blade. The inspection of the saw blade is very necessary, because there will be many cutting problems during the high-speed rotation of the saw blade. For example, the saw blade teeth will fly out, the saw blade will rust and cause cracks in the blade blank, etc., which will affect the cutting. Serration, whether the diamond segment is rusted, whether the welding part is loose, etc., all need to be carefully inspected by certification.

4: Before installing the small diamond saw blade, you must first find the position of the rotating shaft of the cutting machine, which is generally in the middle of the machine, that is, the rotating shaft part of the machine. The installation of this part is relatively simple. It is usually fixed by the flange plate. First, the flange plate needs to be rotated to let the old saw blade detach from the cutting machine.

5: Then install the diamond circular saw blade. First of all, you need to hold the handle of the cutting machine by hand, so that the cutting machine does not shake, because the size of the inner hole of the saw blade is different. If the inner hole is obviously different, it is necessary to put the inner hole metal ring provided by the saw blade into the cylindrical bayonet part of the machine, and then put the diamond saw blade into the bayonet part, and finally lock the flange. The whole installation process is relatively simple. But a few points need to be noted. First, the inner hole of the saw blade and the flange plate and the ring can be closely together without loosening. Second, the flange cannot be flipped upside down. When pre-installed, the rotation direction of the flange and the cutting direction of the saw blade are opposite. Third, the order of the saw blades must not be wrong.

6: After the saw blade is installed, it needs to be idling for 1-3 minutes, which mainly plays the role of eliminating the stress of the saw blade, and can also detect the performance of the saw blade and adjust the rotation stability of the saw blade.

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