Top 10 Mistakes in the Diamond Segments Selection Process

Publish date:2022-07-05 15:05:52 Article From:Linsing Diamond Tools Clicks:

1: The multi cutting segments looks the same as the bridge cutting segments, it can be interchangeable at will? The answer is no, because the multi cutting segments and the bridge cutting use different formula and the produce process is completely different.  The multi segment is concerned with continuity and stability, and the bridge cutting segment is concerned with efficiency and speed.

2: M-shaped segment is cutting granite only?  M-shaped head is rarely used to cut marble, but not impossible. I fact, The M-shaped segment can be use for cutting all kinds of stone. For marble cutting, M-shaped segment will easier opening diamond powder.

3: Can the segment be used freely for any stone cutting? Actually, the versatility of the segment is limited. Many segments are produced for different kinds stone, so such a segment is best cut specific stone. Of course, there have versatility cutting segment. But the cutting aspect of a particular stone, in terms of life and efficiency is not comparable to a specific segment.

diamond segment, M-type diamond segment

4: The amount of diamond powder directly determines the quality of the segment? Actually, out of the diamond powder, the bond is also very important, because a good bond can make the best use of diamond powder. In other side, too much diamond powder will make the segment in a low cutting speed, in that way it will do more with less.  So a good segment must be the bond and diamond powder combination of excellent.

5: The golden color marble segment looks very beautiful, so the cost is relatively high? Basically, marble is expensive. Because if the segment’s bond with iron base, will rusty on the marble surface. So in order to avoid this problem, we usually the brass bond segment. So that in terms of price, there have no much effect on color between marble segment and granite segment.

6: The life of the segment is only related to the raw material? Actually, besides the raw material, the life of the segment has a lot to do with the shape and cutting object. In general, the life of sandwich segment is very good, while the groove segments life will be relatively less, but the cutting speed of groove structure segment will be faster. In terms of cutting objects, the harder the stone cutting life is shorter.

flat diamond segment

7: Is the width of the segment used all in one size? The width of the segment should be according to the thickness of blade base, stone abrasiveness, debris removal, the wear ratio of segment's height and side.

8: Is the length of the segment fixed? The length of the segment should be considered with the shape and the thickness of the base, the abrasiveness of stone, the height of the segment and the amount of debris removal and so on.

9: If the formula of the segment is fixed, just do some small adjustment? There have thousands of formulas on segment, almost every factory has its own formula, and the vast majority of manufacturers formula is not stable yet. So, the not fixed formula and non-standardized production mode, makes the diamond segment industry becomes attractive.

10: Does the manufacturer not match when recommending the segments? The formula need time to deploy, and also needs to continuously improve the process to meet customer requirements ultimately. When we can meet the customer's requirements on formula at beginning, that is to say there still have room for development.