The Relationship Between Wear Resistance And Efficiency Of Diamond Saw Blades

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There are several particularly unpopular knowledge about diamond saw blade products. Those who use saw blades often will know the two concepts of saw blade life and sharpness. The wear resistance represents the service life, and the sharpness represents the feeling of use.

Diamond saw blades have a strange circle, durable saw blades must not be efficient, and efficient saw blades must not last long. Many people do not understand this unpopular knowledge, but in fact, this situation is most likely to occur during the cutting process of the saw blade. At first, people who used diamond saw blades did not know much about this product, and they would think that the performance of the saw blade was not good, or that the life of the saw blade was not enough, or they would put forward a requirement to improve the sharpness. In fact, it is not the performance of the saw blade that is the problem, but that each saw blade has its own characteristics. If it is used in accordance with its use characteristics, the life and efficiency of the saw blade can reach a balance. For a simple example, a certain saw blade is suitable for slow cutting. If the cutting speed is accelerated, although the efficiency is improved, the service life will be greatly reduced.

So why does this happen? In fact, each type of saw blade has been set for its purpose when it leaves the factory. And in the production process, there will be various situations that affect the saw blade. For example, different manufacturers use different sintering temperatures, and even the air humidity, temperature, sintering machine, sintering process, etc. on the sintering day will affect the forming of the segment. When the segment is formed, in fact, the use of the saw blade is already doomed. Using a more reasonable way to play the maximum function of the diamond saw blade is the best cost-saving way for the processing factories.

Is there a way to keep the cutting ability of the diamond saw blade while maintaining the wear resistance? In fact, this form does not exist. To improve the cutting ability, such as increasing the number of squares of cutting per unit time, it is necessary to increase the current of the motor. The greater the current, the greater the power, and the stronger the impact on the saw blade. Therefore, the diamonds in the saw blade will be broken quickly to generate a new cutting edge, thereby speeding up the cutting efficiency. Under this high-intensity cutting force, almost the possibility of the saw blade wanting to grind at a slow speed and to be slowly consumed is zero, so the situation that the diamond saw blade is quickly consumed is gradually emerging.

Since it is impossible to have both fish and bear's paw, the research direction of people has also changed. How to get stuck to a point, in simple terms, how to keep the cutting force of the diamond saw blade while improving the life of the saw blade? What is the speed setting? What is the recommended depth of cut setting? What is the hardness of the cut material? Although very early, people began to divide saw blades into cutting ceramics, cutting asphalt, cutting steel concrete, and cutting marble. The corresponding cutting range value is also given on the surface of the saw blade. But if you can give different cutting performance for different cutting materials, it will be more useful than giving the cutting range directly.

And through continuous research, people have found a way to balance the two. A limiting case occurs when the flatness and flatness of the saw blade is at a high level. That is to say, the saw blade is in normal consumption, and the wear resistance of the saw blade is still maintained, especially when cutting materials such as marble and ceramic tiles, the performance is particularly obvious.

All in all, the wear resistance and efficiency of diamond saw blades are still in the relationship of complementing each other. However, if you cut some materials with low wear resistance and improve the cutting stability, the wear resistance and efficiency of the saw blade can be significantly improved to achieve a balance between the two.

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