Total Runout And Circular Runout Of Diamond Saw Blade

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During the cutting process of the diamond saw blade, there will be some slight jitters on the rotating saw blade substrate. This jitter includes horizontal jitter and vertical changes. According to this different situation, people divide the situation of jitter into two types: total runout and circular runout.

In order to better grasp the specific and comparable values, people place the saw blade horizontally on the rotation table through the horizontal rotation table, then fix the saw blade and start the horizontal turntable, when the turntable rotates slowly and evenly in the process , two values can be recorded by the surveying and mapping instrument, namely static runout and static circular runout.

The runout of the saw blade with the largest diameter in the plane direction of the saw blade is called total runout, and the left and right deviation can be measured with a dial indicator. Generally, the substrate of the saw blade is tested, and the segment does not participate in the test, mainly because some unpredictable problems will occur during the welding process of the segment, which will eventually confuse the problems of the saw blade. Therefore, for better analysis, measuring the end jump of the base body can not only eliminate the problem of the end jump of the base body, but also directly measure the more accurate and undisturbed end jump value. Once the saw blade tip jump is too large, most of the reasons are the problem of the diamond segment.

The runout in the diameter direction of the saw blade where the diameter of the saw blade is the largest is called roundness, also called circular runout. To put it simply, in the process of the saw blade jumping at the end, the saw blade of the saw blade is at the vertical end, and an arc-shaped roundness will appear. During the cutting process, the saw blade will also generate such a cutting arc, so it is normal In this case, if the distance of the radial jump is large, it will directly affect the cutting efficiency of the segment.

The purpose of studying total runout and circular runout is mainly to avoid various problems that may occur in the cutting process of the saw blade in the later stage, such as the offset of the saw blade and the deformation of the cutting line of the saw blade. However, the static total runout and circular runout can only reflect the performance of the diamond saw blade when the rotation speed is not fast and the cutting strength is not high, and cannot represent the real cutting ability and situation of the saw blade during the cutting process. So people began to introduce two other parameters to more vividly reflect the performance of the saw blade in the cutting process.

Dynamic total runout refers to the up and down swing distance of the point where the saw blade is farthest from the center of the circle during the high speed process, that is, the distance from the end face. Generally, during the test end total runout, the speed is the recommended speed of the saw blade, or even Some manufacturers will choose the extreme speed of calibration for testing, and the obtained terminal jump value can be obtained.

Dynamic circular runout refers to the arc formed by the point of the saw blade farthest away from the center of the circle when the saw blade rotates at high speed. The horizontal distance of the far center point. Simply put, it is the jitter distance in the diameter direction.

With these parameters, the pros and cons of the saw blade substrate can be clearly distinguished. In general, the saw blade with small total runout and small circular runout has a more stable base structure and better quality of the saw blade.

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