How To Use Diamond Saw Blade Correctly

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If you want to use the diamond saw blade correctly, you must first figure out a question, how to choose the
equipment? What kind of equipment is equipped with what kind of saw blade is the most basic requirement.

There are many kinds of machinery for cutting stone. Generally speaking, it is divided into a circular saw (double segment), which is used for mining. This machine will choose four saw blades, two of which are large, with a diameter of more than 3600mm, and two more small pieces, the diameter of the saw blade is above 2400. If it is a combination saw, select the appropriate saw blade according to the thickness of the saw blade base. If it is a single-blade sawing level, the saw blade needs to be selected according to the size of the saw blade. If it is a mid-cutting machine or an edge trimmer, it is also necessary to select the saw blade according to the size of the saw blade supported by the machine. If it is a marble machine or a manual cutting machine, it is also necessary to select the saw blade according to the size. Simply put, what kind of saw blade is used for what kind of machine, and can not be mismatched.

It is very important to install the saw blade: the correct installation of the diamond saw blade and the installation accuracy are closely related to the cutting efficiency, cutting quality and service life of the saw blade. After installation, make sure that the saw blade runs smoothly and does not vibrate during the cutting process (except for the influence of the quality of the saw blade and the rigidity of the cutting machine).

(1) When installing the saw blade, first make sure that the cutting edge direction marked on the saw blade is consistent with the rotation direction of the main shaft of the cutting machine;

(2) To clean up the contact surfaces of the saw blade installation hole, the cutting machine spindle and the flange, it is necessary to ensure that the contact between them is smooth and good;

(3) The diameter of the flange should be reasonably selected according to the diameter of the saw blade. If the flange is too small, the end face of the saw blade will swing greatly during use. If the flange is too large, the hanging weight of the spindle will increase, which will also increase the run out and reduce the processing depth of the material.

(4) After installation, the run out value of the saw blade and flange must reach the specified value before it can be used.

Coolant is also very important.The use of coolant has two functions: one is cooling. Due to the friction and impact between the circular saw blade and the stone during the cutting process, a lot of heat is generated on the cutting surface, and the heat dissipation of the stone is poor, so that most of the heat is absorbed by the saw blade, especially the diamond blade. It is the first to bear the brunt, which is easy to cause graphitization of diamond, and the cutter head is also easy to be burned and easy to fall off. At the same time, the steel matrix is also prone to thermal deformation and cracking from the root of the nozzle. Continuously spraying a large amount of coolant to the incision from the front and back and both sides of the saw blade will play a very good role in cooling and protecting the saw blade; another function of using coolant is to flush chips. When the coolant rushes to the incision with a certain pressure (generally required hydraulic pressure greater than 0.1MPa), a large amount of material chips will be taken away, which is of great benefit to reducing the secondary wear of the chips and the diamond segment and matrix. In addition, if an emulsion-type cooling liquid is used, the hydrophilic and lipophilic properties of the emulsifier can make the surface of the saw blade and the rock surface adhere to a layer of lubricating oil, which can reduce the friction coefficient during sawing, thereby reducing cutting. resistance, reduce vibration.

Cooling water is generally used for cooling water, and it is also possible to add an appropriate amount of rust inhibitor and use emulsifier (saponified dissolved oil, swire oil and other hydrophilic and lipophilic emulsifiers) in the cooling water.

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