How To Keep The Diamond Segment To Be Wear-resistant?

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The wear resistance of the diamond segment is a very important parameter. The wear resistance is a manifestation of the wear rate of the segment in the process of cutting stone. The higher wear resistance of the segment, the slower the wear rate. Simply put, the wear
resistance of the segment directly determines its service life. Of course, it does not mean that the better the wear resistance of the diamond segment, the better the performance of the segment, everything is too much, too high or too low wear resistance is not conducive to stone production and processing, only to improve the low wear resistance segment
s lifespan, reduce the service life of the segment with over high wear resistance, and improve the processing efficiency. Those way can better solve the problem of wear resistance of the segment.

First of all, we will introduce the segments with low wear resistance (the biggest feature of the segments with low wear resistance is that they consume very quickly). Next, we will clarify the doubts according to the following three questions: What are their specific performances? Possible reasons? And how to improve the service life of this kind of segment?

1: The cutting depth of the saw blade is too deep when cutting the stone. if the cutting depth is too deep, the larger the surface of the stone will be cut per unit time. If there is a problem with the wear resistance of the segment at this time, it means that the sharpness of the segment  can not meet the cutting requirements, so at this time, adjusting the cutting depth and reducing the cutting area per unit time can relieve the fatigue state of the segment. In this way, although the cutting efficiency is reduced, the cutting life of the segment can be significantly improved. This method is very debatable, it is not common in stone factories. It is mainly because the efficiency is reduced. Although the life of the segment has been improved, the labor cost and management cost of processing will be increased, so it can only be reduced a little cutting depth.

2: The feed speed rate of the saw blade is too fast. In the process of cutting the stone, the faster the saw blade moves forward or backward, it means that the saw blade cuts more stone within a certain period of time during the process of cutting the stone. The higher the feed speed of the saw blade, the shorter the life of the segment and the worse the wear resistance of the segment. The solution to the problem is also very simple, reducing the feed speed and keeping the saw blade at a lower feed speed will increase the wear resistance of the diamond segment and increase the cutting life. However, the feed speed is not a factor that affects the cutting of the saw blade alone, but also has a great relationship with the speed of the saw blade.

For example, a saw blade with a fast drilling speed has a stronger impact when cutting, and the strong impact brings a very high grinding strength. The segment is quickly ground by the stone, but if the strong impact is maintained, while reducing the impact force and reducing the cutting area, the segment can be well adapted to such a grinding method without being quickly consumed. If the speed is reduced and the feed speed rate is increased, the contact area and time between the stone and the segment begin to increase. Under the same feed rate, the segment will experience more serious wear. Therefore, when the feed speed is reduced, the linear speed of the saw blade is appropriately increased, but it can bring a good cutting effect. At least the wear resistance of the saw blade is normal or improved.

3: Another case of low wear resistance is that the segment is used incorrectly. For example, the segment for cutting soft stone is used for cutting hard stone, or the segment for marble is used for cutting granite, or the segment for used for cutting extremely abrasive products, such as sandstone, andesite, etc. , all kinds of problems will arise. There are also many solutions to this problem. The segment is used in a place that is more suitable for cutting, or a set of soft and hard segments are mixed for welding, and finally a good cutting effect can be obtained.

Finally, I will briefly introduce the
segment with extremely high wear resistance. In fact, it is also problematic to use. For example, when cutting a segment that is not so wear-resistant, it is easy for the diamond to fail to open the edge, and the wear resistance is impossible to talk about. So how to solve this problem? This kind of segment is suitable for mixed cutting, or prepare some refractory bricks to continuously reduce the wear resistance of the segment, so that it is more helpful for cutting to make the cutting edge easier than simply improving the wear resistance.


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