Application of diamond wire saws

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Diamond wire saw from the first wire saw appeared now although only experienced a short period of 50 years, but the application has been very extensive, people's wire saw research and development and application continue to expand.At present,the application of diamond wire bead rope is very wide this article combined with the current wire saw often appear scenes, let everyone better understand diamond wire saw this product.


At present, mining use wire saw mainly has two aspects of application, the first, cutting large surface, mainly used to cut marble waste, in many mines, in order to cut a larger volume of waste material, but also in order to speed up mining efficiency, can use 100 meters length wire saw, used to cut about 150 square meters of large surface, of course, in addition to large surface, some small marble, but also can be directly used wire saw for waste mining, wire saw mining waste material with saving material, arbitrary adjustment of waste material size. Can adjust the angle of waste cutting and so on, and can save stone, cutting surface flat and so on. Second, wire saw for mining bottom, mainly used to cut granite, currently in China, Cambodia, South Africa and other countries using disc saw mining, disc saw can only be horizontal and vertical finish cutting, for the bottom, can only use a wire saw machine with wire saw to complete the final cut.

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Block Squaring

Mining methods are many, if the way of blasting or drilling mining out of the waste material, uneven surface, and very irregular, in the cutting process, the bottom of the waste uneven cutting process will inevitably appear shaking, and if the waste around uneven and beveled situation, not only in the cutting process will cause waste of stone, and increase production costs. So if we use diamond wire saws for waste trimming, we can solve these problems.

Slate cutting

Especially for marble, height of more than 1.8 meters, length of more than 2.4 meters is very common, to process such a large plate, must use a row saw or combination wire saw machine, and the exhaust saw efficiency is low, and the combination wire saw can perfectly solve the problem of large plate, and more efficient.

Special stone processing

In the stone processing process, a variety of different stone shapes are often required special customization, such as arc plate, cylinder, monument stone, three-dimensional text, plate cut into arcs and so on, can be done with the help of special wire saw.

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Bridge cutting

Bridges are divided into columns and bridge surfaces, because the bridge surface is in the air, and a large part of the bridge is in the water, cutting is very difficult, but wire saw can be quickly cut.

The building’s demolish

There are some aging buildings or some buildings need to be remodeled, need to be demolished, this steel mixed structure of the project is the earliest use of blasting methods for demolition, but because of the large geological impact of blasting, and caused a great deal of sound pollution and impact on the earth's crust, at present, has been less recommended to use this way, and wire saw for reinforced concrete cutting, can quickly solve the problem, not only green, but also have a higher processing efficiency, and arbitrary adjustment of cutting angle, convenient and fast, Energy efficient.

Diamond wire saw can also be used in many ways, such as jade cutting, agate cutting, aircraft body cutting and so on, in the future, these hard material cutting products will become more mature, so that diamond wire saw has a broader applicability. And Lin Xing has been committed to diamond wire saw production and research and development, to provide our customers with rapid cutting of the overall design and products, I hope our customers come to consult.