The advantages of Linxing diamond wire saw cutting concrete

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The diamond wire saw is an important diamond tool among modern sawing tools. This tool is connected by a wire rope and is a soft cutting tool. However, after diamond beads are embedded on the outside of the wire rope, it can be used to cut various hard solid materials, such as concrete, steel bars, stone, etc., especially in the past two decades, the people of the world have attached great importance to environmental protection, so that the wire saw tool has gradually replaced the previous sawing method, and slowly formed a new cutting method system.

In the early years, there were few steel-concrete buildings. With the large-scale construction of large cities, bridges and other buildings, buildings with reinforced concrete structures increased day by day. Since the end of the 1990s, people encountered a very big difficulty, that is standing helpless in demolition of steel-concrete structures . From the earliest demolition by blasting to later cutting with flames, the work efficiency is very low. People have been developing more advanced cutting methods, and wall saws have been used soon. , But the wall saw is large in size, the placement and transportation on the construction site is unchanged, and the noise pollution generated during the work is very large, and it cannot solve the problem of cutting reinforced concrete. Since entering the 21st century, China’s diamond tool industry has achieved tremendous development, especially in diamond wire saws. It has made tremendous progress in terms of product structure and stability, and the application of diamond wire bead rope is also becoming more and more extensive.. After 2010, China’s steel-mixed cutting wire saws gradually entered the market and replaced wall saws to a great extent.

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So why would a wire saw replace a wall saw or blasting for demolition? Mainly used for steel-concrete cutting diamond wire saw has the following advantages:

1. Wide adaptability. The applicability of diamond wire saws is very wide. Wall saws can only be used on walls, concrete columns, beams, etc. For bridges, weighing columns and other structures, multiple cuttings are required and time-consuming, but wire saws not only can cut steel-concrete structures on land, but also can complete the cutting very smoothly for underwater cutting, and it can also be easily completed for large cutting surfaces.

2. Strong function and high efficiency, the cutting speed of the wire saw is very fast, especially the Linxing diamond wire saw, the cutting speed can reach 1 ~ 5M2/h, flame cutting can not do this, and the cutting life of the wire saw For a long time, every meter of wire saw can cut 2-8 square meters of reinforced concrete, and 50 meters of wire saw can cut 100-400 square meters of concrete buildings, which can basically meet the needs of steel-concrete cutting.

3. The cutting angle can be adjusted at will. The diamond wire saw can cut the steel-concrete structure in all directions, such as vertical, horizontal, and inclined planes. It can also perform blind cutting, while flame cutting and saw blade cutting can only be used for vertical cutting. The limited cutting angle will be greatly reduced the cutting efficiency.

4. The construction is convenient. When the diamond wire saw cuts the steel mix, you can use the hydraulic wire saw machine and the electric wire saw machine.No matter in which way, if with the help of flywheel, it can be also well cut in the small area. In other words, it reduces the difficulty of construction.

5. Safe and environmentally friendly, wire saw mining has no noise and dust, does not affect nearby residents and other working surfaces, and has high automation, separate operation, low labor intensity and high safety; While the flame cutting and circular sawing has big noise and much dust, which are affecting nearby residents and other workers' seriously in the working days, what’s more worse, by those ways, the workers' labor intensity is high and the safety is relatively low.

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The advantages of Linxing diamond wire saw cutting concrete

Linxing diamond wire saw has great advantages compared with other companies' steel concrete, specifically the following 5 points:

1: More stable cutting: The diamond wire saw used by Lin Xing for steel-concrete cutting uses the European standard wire rope series connection, which ensures that the wire saw will not have the problem of breaking the rope and has a strong wire saw tensile force. And elasticity, coupled with the high cutting efficiency diamond bead design, make the cutting process more smooth.

2: Longer cutting life: Lin Xing's diamond beads adopt the latest matrix formula, and the product has high wear resistance. With the special diamond powder supplied by Zhongnan Diamond, the cutting life of the product is greatly guaranteed.

3: Better glue injection process: glue injection is a process that steel-mixed wire saws must face. Our glue injection process and rubber process use first-class materials to make the wire saw connection line better and avoid beaded rotation,degumming and other quality problems.

4: Safer design: Lin Xing’s steel-concrete cutting wire saw considers the situation of bead flying out and hurting people during the design process, so our bead adopts a harder and more elastic matrix, even if the bead suffers severe damage. The impact will only cause slight deformation, and the beads and the wire rope are fixed by physical and chemical methods. These practices greatly prevent the beads from flying out and hurting people.

5: Lower price: Linxing's steel-concrete cutting wire saws are quality-oriented and customer satisfaction is the original intention. At present, we are entering the market with high-quality products and low prices. The purpose is to make our customers recognize Lin Xing, launched the Lin Xing diamond wire saw brand.

Choosing Linxing diamond wire saw must be the choice that every customer does not regret. Linxing will respond to the current chaotic market environment with higher quality and better service. I believe that our sincere sincerity will definitely be recognized by the market. To create the best diamond tools with technological innovation is our vision of Linxing Diamond Tools.