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Ten tips for selecting the diamond segment:

1: The diamond segment is brazed on the saw blade, so the thickness of blade was related to the thickness of diamond segment. Normally, for block cutting and quarry machine, the thickness of diamond segment must be more than blade thickness (about 1-1.2mm). For medium-diameter saw blades and small saw blades, the thickness of the diamond segments and the blades thickness always are nearly.

2: The diamond segments are used on the large size blade and teeth number of are fixed. But the medium-diameter saw blade and small circle blade are different, it is depending on using 40mm diamond segment or 20mm diamond segment, and can be determined according to the cutting object.

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3:Most of the marble and granite segment can be distinguished by color. Yellow and gold are copper-bond, white and dark gray are iron-bond granite segment.

4: M shape diamond segment is better than flat shape diamond segment in the opening, so M shape diamond segment often be used in hard granite cutting.

5: Diamond segment are mainly divided into two categories, sandwich and non-sandwich. The interlayer can be divided into two types, iron layer and powder layer. For the iron layer diamond segment, the hexahedral diamond will fall off when the molecules are not tightly bound. The powder layer segment was very tightly bonded to the diamond, and its life also longer than the iron layer diamond segment. but the production is more complicated and more costly.

6: The working layer of diamond segment is divided into two parts, diamond and metal bond. The Compactness of the bond and diamond are directly determining the sharpness and life of the diamond segment. These factors are also the main elements of selecting the diamond segment.

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7: The shape of the diamond segment was related to the cutting efficiency. Currently, the popular large size diamond segment on the market mainly are Z shape, R shape, M shape, T shape. Quarrying segment mostly is K shape. The gang saw segments are mostly Z-shaped and T-shaped. There are more shapes of circle saw blade segments, W shape, corrugated shape, J shape etc.

8: The width and height of the diamond segment are also exquisite. For example, those with two corrugated marks are called Z3T, and some diamond segment are designed in the shape of Z1T and R1T. These shapes are for a better cutting performance. When selecting, you should choose a diamond segment that is more suitable for the stone to be cutting.

9: Lage size diamond segment refers to the diamond segments which be used for saw blades with a diameter of 900-3500MM. The small size diamond segment refers to the products that uses on saw blade with a diameter of 105-850MM.

10: It is called opening segment when a diamond segment beginning of cutting. Opening is the most important part of the stone cutting. you can choose a sandwich segment when you need high sharpness segment. If you don't have a requirement for sharpness, you can choose a diamond segment which without layers.