How much is a diamond wire saw bead wire saw one meter?

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Diamond wire saw is a very special cutting tool, from the appearance point of view, diamond wire saw is a flexible cutting tool, in the form of a bundle, this special cutting tool is mainly used to cut stone, steel mix, concrete, brick walls, cement and other hard materials, then how much is this wire saw a meter? This question is actually very difficult to answer, because the use of different, bead diameter, bead connection and other factors, will cause the price of wire saws very large fluctuations, then what specific factors will affect the price of diamond wire saws?

1: Scientific and technological innovation determines the price of diamond wire saw Scientific and technological

Innovation is mainly scientific and technological innovation and scientific research technology led to products with non-replicable, in short, Italy has several wire saw manufacturers, they can make better quality, sharper than the wire saw, in product design, string wire saw can do 5.3mm, in the combination of wire saw this piece, to do other manufacturers difficult to do the production process, the formation of technical barriers, so Italy's wire saw has a higher price. This also applies to Chinese manufacturers, such as some manufacturers have achieved 6.3mm beaded wire saw, can also be used for the combination of wire saw machine, because the output is less, higher technology content, so the price is very expensive. But compared to Indian wire saw manufacturers, India uses low-life, low-cutting efficiency production methods, so the price of products will be very low.

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2: The production process determines the price of diamond wire saw

Production process mainly refers to the production of diamond beads of different processes, will cause price differences, at present, diamond bead production process has three, the first electroplating diamond beads, this bead price is more expensive, higher sharpness, but short life, is currently mainly some foreign manufacturers in the production. The second is sintered diamond beads, is currently the mainstream production method of beads on the market, this bead life is good, but cutting efficiency is not high, can not dry cut is the disadvantage of this wire saw. The third is brazed diamond beads, which are characterized by very high cutting efficiency, but low life, for marble mining, there is better use value, and this wire saw can be cut dry, for marble mining, no doubt better fit the conditions of use of the mine.

3: The connection material determines the price of the diamond wire saw

There are many kinds of beaded connection materials, such as plastic, rubber, spring, spring and rubber, these connection methods will be used to different connection materials, because the price of materials, so it will also cause diamond wire saw prices are different.

4: Bead tire material determines the price of diamond wire saws

Cutting granite, marble, steel mix, wire saw tire material needs to have different choices, especially for the more abrasive granite, tire material must be wear-resistant, otherwise diamond powder consumption is not comparable to fetal body consumption, and then lead to diamond did not consume completely, and the harder tire body using iron-based formula. For marble, cobalt-based formulations can guarantee both the life of the cut and the high sharpness, so in general, the price of marble cutting wire saw is slightly higher than granite cutting wire saw.

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5: Diamond grade determines the price of diamond wire saw

This reason is very simple, the use of diamond raw materials better, natural diamond wire saw prices will increase, and higher-grade diamond powder cutting efficiency and life will be correspondingly improved. In general, the price of diamond wire saws depends on many factors, not a single offer, but how much is it? $20 to $50 is a relatively normal price, but there is certainly a difference between cutting efficiency and longevity.