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The price of diamond wire saw is a relatively general concept. Whenever a customer asks about this matter, they need to explain a lot, such as: How much does your wire saw cost? How much is your granite mine rope per meter? Questions like that. In fact, the prices of different wire saw products are different. Like other commodities, diversified product positioning has led to a large difference in the price of wire saws. The price of cheap wire saws is 100-120 yuan/meter, and even some countries and For wire saws in the region, one meter of wire saws only cost 60-80 yuan/meter, while the price of more expensive wire saws remains at 210-280 yuan/meter. So why is there such a difference, and why does the price of the wire saw fluctuate so much? There are mainly the following three reasons.

1: Different wire saws have different uses, and different uses determine the difference in price. Wire saws can be mainly used for mining mines, cutting stone blocks, cutting plates or for special-shaped stone processing. In addition to the above processing of stone, diamond wire saws can also be used to cut reinforced concrete, iron or steel plates, and even some companies currently Research using wire saws to cut aircraft fuselage etc.

Wire saws with different uses also naturally use different materials. For example, wire saws for cutting steel plates, because the abrasive performance of iron plates is very high, so try to use fine-grained diamonds and a matrix with higher abrasiveness. Guaranteed cutting effect and cutting quality. And if you cut marble and granite, you need coarse-grained diamonds. Of course, in order to ensure the cutting effect, the grains should be kept at 40-60#.

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2: The price of the wire saw is greatly affected by the process. The process of wire saw is very different. First, the process is divided into design process and production process. In terms of design process, the current mainstream design process includes beading design and connector design. In terms of beading design, it is divided into electroplating beading, brazing beading, and sintering beading. There are three types, among which the electroplated beads are finely cut, and the particle size of the diamond powder is not high. The cutting effect is stable and continuous, and is suitable for cutting some soft stones. Brazed beads are suitable for mining marble and have high cutting efficiency. The sintered beads are just the opposite. Although the sintered beads are less efficient, they have a long service life and reduce the production cost of stone. In terms of connectors, spring, rubber, plastic, spring + rubber, spring + plastic are all common connection methods, and they are cut for different stones. Changes in these materials will cause the price of wire saws to fluctuate.

In addition to the above-mentioned design process, the wire saw is also affected by the production process. The production process mainly includes how to better connect the beads, rubber, plastic, wire rope, etc. together during the production process, so as to keep the whole diamond wire saw as close as possible. A stable state is very important, including the weight of the beads, the density of the beads, the uniform distribution of diamonds, the temperature of hot pressing and sintering, the injection process and so on. These all determine the value of a good wire saw.

3: The wire saw is affected by the quality of the raw materials. The wire saw mainly has several parts, such as bead matrix, matrix metal alloy powder, diamond, wire rope, connecting parts and other materials. The poor quality of a certain material will directly affect the quality of the diamond wire saw. Only good materials can be used to make good products.At this point, Linxing Diamond Tools Co., Ltd. follows this principle and produces wire saws with stable quality and good product performance.

Diamond and metal powder are also very important. If the diamond grade is not enough, the cutting sharpness will be greatly reduced, and if the matrix material is not good, the holding force will be reduced, and the beads will be quickly consumed. Other materials such as wire rope, rubber, etc. are all very important, and any weak point can cause huge cutting problems with the wire saw.

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So how much does a diamond wire saw cost? In fact, there is no answer to this question, there are only products suitable for customers, and there is no absolute good product. Linxing diamond wire saw, one meter wire saw, according to the different cutting objects, the price range is 130-280 yuan / meter.