Diamond wire saw beading process

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Diamond wire saw beads mainly have the following three manufacturing processes, namely electroplating process, sintering process, and brazing process. This article mainly introduces the different cutting capabilities and characteristics of different beads of diamond wire saws.

Electroplated beads:

Electroplated beads are a special kind of diamond beads made by electroplating. Because the electroplating process appeared relatively early, the early beads were made in this way. Especially in recent years, with the further maturity of the electroplating process, electroplating beads have occupied some foreign markets, such as Turkey, Egypt, Algeria and other countries, and some factories will use this kind of beads.

Electroplating beads use the electroplating process to fix the diamond on the bead matrix. However, the electroplating process is only suitable for some thin electroplating layers, which is far from meeting the cutting requirements of diamond beads. So people think about whether the problem can be solved if the multi-layer electroplating method is used. After 2010, it was found that the pulse plating method and the ring groove beading process can make the beads have a thicker cutting layer. This process ensures that when the top diamond falls off, the bottom diamond can continue to complete the cutting. Slowly, electroplating wire saw beads began to enter the market, which can be enough to meet the cutting of most soft stones, and can also cut some stones such as jade and agate.

Electroplating beaded rope is still in the promotion period, mainly for the following reasons:

1: The electroplating pollution is too large, and the damage to the environment is relatively large, and the
electroplating production enterprises are not environmentally friendly.

2: The electroplating beading process has high requirements, but the product applicability is poor, which is far less efficient than investing in sintering beading.

3: The electroplating beading process is not yet mature, and technical barriers still exist.

4: The price of electroplating beads is relatively high, and compared with the increasingly mature brazing beads, there is not much advantage.

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Sintered Beads:

Sintered beads are a kind of diamond beads made by sintering process, which currently occupy the mainstream of the market. Sintered beads on the market can be used on beads of various diameters, from 5.3mm, 6.4mm to 11.5mm, 12.0mm, and even 12.5mm, sintered beads can be used.

This type of bead has the following advantages:

1: It has strong versatility and can meet the cutting of various stones from soft to hard and even reinforced concrete. In the process of cutting, blocks can be cut, plates can also be cut, and mines can also be mined.

2: The process is stable. The production process of this kind of beading is very mature, and there is a mature beading production process. At present, the sintered beading stability of Linxing diamond tools is very strong.

3: Cost-effective, due to the mature production technology, all production costs are at a low level, so the price of this type of beads is low.

4: Long cutting life, this kind of bead has a very long life, if used properly, the cutting cost of the wire saw can be greatly reduced.

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Vacuum Brazing Beads

Vacuum brazing beading is a relatively new type of beading production process. The products processed by this process have the advantages of high cutting efficiency and can be used for dry cutting. But there are also many disadvantages, such as beading is more expensive and can only be used in marble mining.