What should do if the segment is moved grinding during the cutting process?

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Diamond segment in the actual cutting stone application, often there will be a case of moved grinding, such as slabs cutting have cut marks, cutting uneven, and during stone cutting process, saw blade offset, oblique cutting and other conditions, resulting in different thickness of the slate, these problems directly affect the quality and efficiency of production, and it  is the problem when the stone process must face.

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The reason for this is mainly caused by the sharpness of the segment, in the past, the treatment is to increase the diamond concentration and improve the metal binder formula, but such test ingress is too high; and it will bring the price of the segment up. In the face of this situation, now most stone factories will recommend that the segment manufacturers change some design, to deal with this problem, rather than change the formula, increase uncertainty, how to change? Here's a look at the commonly used mid-concave segment, and we'll introduce the following method to realize that the segment is no longer movedly worn:

1. The diamond concentration in the outer binder is higher than that of the intermediate layer.

2. The outer binder is wear-resistant than the middle layer.

3. The grade of diamond in the outer layer is higher than that of the middle layer.

4. The working length of the middle layer is shorter than that of the outer layer by structural design, such as the form of "back" type, "H" type or other intermediate slotting;

5. Add non-working layers to the multi-layer structure and adjust the width ratio of the working layer and the non-working layer.

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The advantage of these five designs is that they make the grinding surfaces on both sides of the segment sharper, making the diamond segment simply easier to open. And in the middle layer to add water and chip drains, so that the blade in the cutting process, reduce the cutting area, enhance sharpness and stability.

The moved grinding of the segment is often relatively simple, the model is relatively simple, the style is relatively old, the formula is also more unreasonable, in modern stone processing, this situation is less and less, in addition to the pre-formulation test will appear bias situation, later in the test good formula, it is almost difficult to appear the situation of moved grinding.