diamond wire saw rope

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What is diamond wire saw rope?

Diamond rope is a component of diamond wire saw (also known as diamond rope) and the main cutting part for cutting stone and concrete. In terms of design, 33, 37, 38 or 40 ropes are connected in series with wire rope, and then The wire rope surface is wrapped with plastic, spring or rubber to form a wire saw. Diamond rope contains diamonds. When cutting stone or concrete, hydraulic pressure and the rapid rotation of the flywheel are used to drive the diamond to grind these hard materials. Through continuous grinding, the cutting process is finally completed.

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Diamond wire saw rope types

The types of diamond rope can be divided according to the production process: sintered rope (produced by hot-press sintering process), electroplated rope (the earliest rope process, electroplating by electroplating solution), vacuum brazing rope (through vacuum brazing in production).

Diamond rope can be divided according to the diameter: the diameter of the rope can be made into any specifications from 5.3-12.5mm,the common specifications are 5.3, 6.4, 7.2, 8.0, 8.5, 8.8, 9.0, 9.5, 10, 10.5, 11, 11.5, 12 , 12.5mm and other specifications,but the thinest wire saw can be 2.4mm.
Diamond rope can also be distinguished by shape: single-layer rope (mainly the matrix of a layer of cutter head, but also a more common rope shape, especially the rope of sintering process, almost all of this kind), double-layer rope (main structure For the double-layer structure, brazing ropes currently use this shape more often).

Divided according to the cutting object: At present, there are three main categories of rope. The first type is used for steel-concrete cutting. This type of material needs to cut steel bars and hard-structured concrete. The cutting materials are more complicated and require very high sharpness. The use of high sharpness, high abrasiveness, and the need for more stable diamond. The second type is the rope used for granite cutting. This rope needs to cut stone with extremely high hardness, and the stone cannot be chipped due to the material required, which is higher for continuity and efficiency. The third type is cutting marble, which is softer, so the brazing wire saw can be widely used for this at present.

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What are the advantages of diamond rope compared to cutter head cutting?

Compared with the cutter head, the diamond rope has a smaller volume, and due to the particularity of the wire saw, it can cut a larger area, and the processing machine is also extremely convenient to handle, and it is less restricted by the site environment, but the disadvantages are also very obvious. For example, it cannot be reused, and the price is more expensive.

Diamond wire saw, wire saw rope

At present, Linxing Diamond Tools Co., Ltd. mainly produces sintered wire saw ropes with diameters of 10.5mm, 11mm, 11.5mm, 12mm and 12.5mm, which are mainly used for marble mining wire saws, granite mining wire saws, and quartz wire saw for quarry mining, wire saw for volcanic rock mining, steel-concrete cutting, etc. Other sizes of rope can also be customized.