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The diameter of the rope of the diamond wire saw determines the diameter of the wire saw. When the diameter of the wire saw rope is too large, the cutting material will generate friction with the diamond in the rope during the cutting process. While the diamond is constantly being consumed, the cutting material is ground. Slow grinding will produce a cutting effect. In such a cutting process, people will find that if the diameter of the rope is large, the larger the volume of the material that the rope grinds during the cutting process, the greater the cutting resistance will be. Just imagine if the diameter of the rope is smaller. , The entire wire saw becomes thinner, the volume of the cutting material is reduced, and the cutting surface is reduced. Under the same machine and the same cutting force, the cutting efficiency will be greatly increased. Therefore, the gradual narrowing of the diamond rope is a process that wire saw has to go through in the process of technological development.

So why is the diamond wire saw not directly made very fine at present? There are three main difficulties:

First: wire saw ropes are connected by steel wires. The reduction of the rope diameter directly leads to the reduction of the diameter of the wire rope, but reducing the diameter of the wire saw rope will affect the tensile strength and toughness of the entire wire saw, and it is easy to break the rope.

Second: If you reduce the thickness of the rope matrix, doing so can also reduce the diameter of the diamond wire saw rope, but this approach will cause the rope matrix to be too thin. During the diamond wire saw cutting process, it encounters a strong impact force, the rope matrix In the case of strong impact, it is easy to loose the rope, and the thin substrate does not have a good protection for the inner wire rope. During the cutting process of the wire saw, the wire rope is prone to swing and vibrate.

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If the thickness of the diamond and carcass working layer is reduced, there is currently no better formula to maintain the cutting life of the product. Reducing the thickness of the working layer will directly cause the cutting life to be greatly reduced and reduce the cost-effectiveness of the product.

So for different cutting purposes, how thin can the diamond wire saw thickness be?

Reinforced concrete cutting wire saw: This kind of wire saw is mainly used for cutting reinforced concrete. Concrete is easy to cut, but if there are very thick steel bars in the steel, the hardness and wear resistance of the steel will cause the diamond to be consumed quickly, so Generally used rope diameters are 12mm and 12.5mm,and long life with high efficiency is the advantage of diamond wire saw mining with diameters 12 mm.  As for the thinnest steel-concrete wire saw, the thinnest wire saw for cutting reinforced concrete can be 11.5mm.

Granite mining wire saw: This kind of wire saw is mainly used for mining granite mines. Granite has high hardness and abrasiveness. At present, the diameter of the thinnest rope of this wire saw can be 11.5mm. Most of the granite produced by factories are mined. The diameter of the wire saw is 12mm.

Marble mining wire saw: This kind of wire saw is mainly used for marble mining. Marble has low abrasiveness. At present, the smallest diameter of this kind of marble mining wire saw is about 10.5mm, but the commonly used rope specifications are 11mm and 11.5mm.

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Special-shaped stone cutting wire saw:
This kind of wire saw is mainly used for the processing of special-shaped stone, such as the processing of slabs, steles, characters, arc-shaped stones, columns and other stones. The specifications range from 8.8-10.5mm. The current special-shaped stone wire for cutting marble slabs The diameter of the saw rope is 8.8mm.

Combination wire saw: This type of wire saw is mainly used for cutting blocks into large slabs and used on a combined wire saw machine. The current common rope specifications are: 7.2mm, 6.3mm, and the smallest wire saw can be 5.3mm.

Wire saw: Wire saw is also a kind of wire saw, which is processed by coating diamond on the surface of steel wire rope. This material is mainly used for cutting small area and relatively expensive jade, agate, crystal and other materials. At present, the thinnest The wire saw is only 2.4mm.