Eight advantages of diamond wire saw mining

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In the early stage of mining, most of the methods used were blasting, and later changed to drilling. No matter which method, the stone resources are greatly wasted, and the noise, dust and water pollution have caused a great impact on the environment. As a new mining tool, wire saws can avoid these pollution to the greatest extent, and its versatility and applicability also allow it to quickly occupy part of the market, and its market share continues to increase. As the domestic environmental protection becomes more stringent, the wire saw mining has become the trend of future stone mining.

In addition, compared with the traditional mining method, the use of diamond wire saw mining has the following advantages:

(1) Wide adaptability, diamond wire saw can mine marble, granite, limestone, sandstone, quartz stone, travertine and other mines.

(2) The mining depth is large and the efficiency is high. In terms of mining depth, the diamond wire saw can cut large-surface stone, and the stone with a height of tens of meters can also be mined. In terms of efficiency, the cutting speed is mainly manifested in the high cutting speed, which can generally reach 8-12m2. /H, 3-6 times that of other cutting methods.

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(3) The wire saw can cut in various directions such as vertical, horizontal and inclined planes. The cutting angle can be adjusted at will. The size of the cutting block can also be customized at will, and the cutting surface is smooth, eliminating the need for the later process of block trimming.It can save time and effort.

(4) The yield rate is high, the overall cost is low, and the saw gap after wire saw cutting is small, only about 12mm at most, which minimizes the waste of stone resources, especially for expensive stones.

(5) The safety is high. The wire saw machine adopts a safer design from the beginning of the design. First, the wire saw machine is operated wirelessly. After adjusting the angle of the wire saw and the position of the wire saw machine, the construction staff can remotely control the position of the wire saw. The control of the wire saw machine is allowed, and the current over-current protection of the wire saw machine and other safety settings ensure the life safety of the construction personnel to the greatest extent.

(6) It can be used in conjunction with mining saws to speed up the processing efficiency to a greater extent. At present, mining circular saws are becoming more and more mature. First, the mine is processed into a large platform with a wire saw, and then the horizontal and vertical cutting of the stone is completed by the mine saw, and finally the blocks are completely mined through the bottom of the wire saw. This kind of mining method has the characteristics of consistent block specifications, smooth cutting surface and high processing efficiency.

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(7) Reduce noise pollution. In the past, people used blasting or drilling to complete the mining of stone in mines. No matter which method, the noise is very loud. Especially in the mines that are constructed late at night, the construction noise has severely affected the neighborhood life. But the noise of wire saw cutting is very small, in the case of smooth cutting, the sound produced is very small.

(8) Reduced dust pollution, wire saw cutting is wet cutting. During the cutting process, the cutting dust is directly left through the cutting seam with the water flow, and the generated dust is very small. Compared with the previous mining methods such as mountain blasting and rocking , it can reduce the chance of people suffering from pneumoconiosis.

In general, the diamond wire saw for mining is an important processing tool for mining in the future. The diamond wire saw produced by Linxing has a long life, high cutting efficiency and high cost performance. For many years, it has been favored and trusted by consumers.